Lia De Beaumont Cosplay





Introduction: Lia De Beaumont Cosplay

this is my favorite costume. It took more than 6 weeks, day and night to make it.
I spent around 800 € for the materials and uses silktaffetta as fabrics and wood and hardplastik for the sword.
Really everything is self made with a lot of love for all the details of the design.
The white lines on the dress are embroidered by my self too. Also the pattern making was selfmade.
It's Lia de Beaumont from Le Chevalier D'Eon <3
I love the desing and the character so much!   <3



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    Yes. Wow. I wish I had more to read about this. Stunning.

    What an incredible amount of detail! This is an amazing cosplay!

    Gosh, that's intense! Do you embroider by hand or by machine?

    Wow- you have some serious skills!

    This is incredible! The detail is breathtaking. I'd love to know more about how you made this. If you make more, could you take pictures as you go along? Did you do all of the embroidery by hand, or did you create a design and use a machine?

    This costume is just beautiful! Did you follow a pattern for the dress or make it up as you went?