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Introduction: License Plate Bike Lock Holster

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Come one! Come All! Turn your mild hatred of cars into a quick and easy Bike Lock Holster.


Bike Lock
Used License Plate

A while back I found a license plate in the middle of the road. It was pretty beat up, yet still perfectly flat. Good find. After hanging onto it for a while now, I've decided to put it to use. Usually, I just stick my bike lock in the back of my pants for a quick ride somewhere when I don't want my backpack, but that is a little awkward, so I designed an easy-to-make holster out of the license plate.

Step 1: Bend 1: the Tab

Fold one end of the plate over about 3/4" or 2cm. This doesn't need to be too exact. This little tab will help keep the holster stuck either on your belt or pants.

Step 2: Bend 2: the Belt-Loop

Bend the plate down further than the width of your belt. You have now create the belt-loop or pant-clip portion.

Step 3: Bend 3: the Holster

Place the plate through your bike lock so that the previously folded end is under the lock and the unfolded end is above the lock. Fold the bottom half up over the lock's bar.

Step 4: Bend 4: the Canvas

Bend the plate back down over itself at roughly the same place as Bend 2. This produces a nice area to customize your holster.

Step 5: Make It Yours!

Add personal touches to the blank area. If you started with your plate reversed from mine, you will end up with the actual plate's reflective surface facing out. I would have done this, but it's really scratched up on that side and I wanted to put reflective tape on it.

Step 6: Wear It

To wear, either slip your belt through it like a belt-loop or clip it over your pants (between Bends 1 and 3). I have not had any problem with the lock or holster falling off.

This thing is EXTREMELY reflective and bright at night. I used the same reflective tape on the back of my helmet and somebody actually rolled down their window to tell me that my helmet light had turned off. I was confused at first, but then realized he was talking about the tape flashing in his headlights. Amazing.



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    fannnntastic..ive been needing a way to carry my bike lock..

    Great idea! Simple and effective! Thanks :-)

    Very interesting idea you've got here, but any idea if it will work on a British license plate?

    4 replies

    No, standard (I.E. not special ones for vintage cars) UK registration plates are plastic (5mm thick), and therefore break if struck or bent... :)

    You can buy used US plates on eBay if you like, or beg for a plate from Davesfarm like I did... :)

    I would say that it would work very well. You could even fold it around the thicker section of the lock, or use one of the minilocks, perhaps. The extra length would just give you a bigger area to customize. Although I don't know if British LPs are thicker or thinner material. That would just affect the ease of bending. You could always go find a scrapped car and see if it still has a plate or two for the taking.

    Thanks for the insight. Im rather sure that the plates are the same thickness over here. I believe the only problem with this is that in Britian, obtaining the plates is very difficult, as I've only ever seen 1 plate on the road, and that was on on of the (highways), and as you can imagine I'm not about to get out of a car and run across a highways for a plate.

    Oh come on.... where's your sense of adventure? :D haha. That's the biggest problem with "found object" projects. They're fantastic in that they reuse a lot of materials, but almost impossible to replicate without a lot of time spent searching for similar materials.

    is there any thing keeping it from bouncin out?

    1 reply

    It actually grips the lock really well. You can always bend it a little extra to keep the fit tight.