Picture of Lid hanger
Another solution to the extreme lack of cabinet space in my kitchen.  The lids to pots and pans always seem to take up more cabinet space than they warrant.  They don't stack neatly, they slide out of the cupboard whenever you open the door. 

So, here I took the lids out of the limited cupboard and found some other unused space for them to occupy.
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Step 1: Choose a Setting

Picture of Choose a Setting
This vertical pot lid hanger is pretty heavy when it's loaded down.  As such, you should probably set the main hook into one of the studs inside your walls.  I chose a doorpost, so that the lids would have more than 180 degrees of space to occupy, and so that I'd be drilling into the larger, four-inch face of the 2x4 stud, rather than the narrower two-inch face.

If you choose a doorpost like I did, choose either a larger-than usual doorway, or one in an area that doesn't see too much traffic.  It just so happens that this four-foot doorway to our spare room and back exit is both. 

Step 2: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials
This is an easy one.

Tools you will need:
1. Drill and bits
2. Tape measure
3. Pencil

Materials you will need:
A. Large screw-threaded hook
B.  Assorted medium-duty hooks
C. A length of chain
bits614 years ago
Very good idea! I may have to try this! :D