Step 1: Choose a Setting

This vertical pot lid hanger is pretty heavy when it's loaded down.  As such, you should probably set the main hook into one of the studs inside your walls.  I chose a doorpost, so that the lids would have more than 180 degrees of space to occupy, and so that I'd be drilling into the larger, four-inch face of the 2x4 stud, rather than the narrower two-inch face.

If you choose a doorpost like I did, choose either a larger-than usual doorway, or one in an area that doesn't see too much traffic.  It just so happens that this four-foot doorway to our spare room and back exit is both. 

Step 2: Tools and Materials

This is an easy one.

Tools you will need:
1. Drill and bits
2. Tape measure
3. Pencil

Materials you will need:
A. Large screw-threaded hook
B.  Assorted medium-duty hooks
C. A length of chain
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bits613 years ago
Very good idea! I may have to try this! :D