Life Hack: How to Get a Free Redbox Movie





Introduction: Life Hack: How to Get a Free Redbox Movie

Everyone loves free stuff. Here is a simple life hack to getting a free Redbox movie.

Step 1: The Only Step

There is only one, easy step to getting a free Redbox movie.

When it asks for a promo code, type in: dvdonme

*Optional step - At Walgreens, type in "dvdatwag" for a second one.



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    Thanks guys! is there any other ones that you know of???

    So there are plenty of promo codes that redbox has on a daily. Personally the top three that have worked for me are DVDONME, BREAKROOM, and REDBOX. Also be aware that as long as the cards have different numbers you can use these free codes for each card. For example, I have a debit card, a credit card, AND a prepaid visa card that was given to me as a gift. Regardless if there is money in the account or on the card, the rental should be free therefore I ALWAYS save prepaid credit cards for things like this and other free promotions so that I may avoid the charges that would come if I were late or failed to cancel a free trial. So in the end I have at least 9 free rentals sitting in my wallet. Also for every time that I have reported a missing debit card, I have been able to re-use these codes because even though my card is attached to the same account, the card number itself has changed and therefore you can trick the redbox. Good luck in your free DVD endeavors, hope this helps