this life hack is the first of my serie.

Step 1: What You Want

-3 Elastics

Step 2: Put the Elastics on the Handle

Step 3: Turn It

Step 4: Put the Elastic on the Other Handle

Step 5: For Open the Door Just Push It

Please follow me and comment:•)
<p>I made it and it worked fine</p>
<p>cool! can you make one on cutting fruits? please?</p>
<p>Each Friday night I'll do this, then on Saturday morning I can be the lazy fool falling every where I'v always wanted to be!</p>
Great idea!!
<p>I got confused between step 4 and 5. ;) </p>
Tank you
This is really cool! :)

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Bio: I normally talk in french but i talk in english on instructables.I am 14 year old and y can do any invention(or almost).
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