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Ok I really hate carrying wallets.. I always seem to misplace them along with my keys so every morning is like a hunting expedition.

For a while my wallet was about 3 inches thick.. I'm pretty sure it was giving me back problems.. Anyways a while ago in a long contest from now i made an iphone wallet.. with money clip and a bottle opener. I really love this wallet.. it gave me a spot for 2 credit cards an ID.. no more searching for it in the morning since i know where my phone is at all the time.

Anyways regular 3d printed gives me enough protection but for some of my friends they want the ease of the iphone wallet but the protection of the lifeproof case..  I hate bulky wallets with a passion but i kind of like the lifeproof case.. it gives you a lot of the protection without all the bulk.. So adding just a few millimeters to get rid of your walllet is worth every mm.

Anyways i was able to finish this clip just in time for this contest.. hopefully i can win this 3d Printer.. since i it seems like i can't ever win anything in here!!

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winston_sisk3 months ago

are there 3d print stl files for the clip