Life Size Air Hockey. the Hover Puck





Introduction: Life Size Air Hockey. the Hover Puck

In this instructable I will be showing you how to make a Hovering hockey puck! Although the process of making this toy requires a lot of testing (finding a light enough casing, finding a strong enough fan etc.) it is very simple, cheap and easy to make :]

This toy is great for kids of all ages.
The puck is durable enough to play real indoor hockey with, yet lightweight enough to be used as an air hockey puck.

Step 1: Materials

First, gather all of the given materials:
-9v Duracell battery
                  This instructable was a little bit rushed, and will be made using rechargeable batteries in the future.
-Battery clip
-On/off switch
-A propeller and motor from an old RC plane/helicopter
-Smoke detector (can use other circular objects to case the puck, but i'll explain that later)
-Plasti Dip (can be found at most hardware stores)
-Large plastic spacer
-Hot glue

First open the 9V battery's metal casing as shown, using a plier. It is easiest to open the battery from the seam on the side.
If you want to see a video demonstration, check this out... JUST DO NOT CUT ANY OF THE LEADS ATTACHED TO THE BATTERY
-Cut off the plastic wrapping and put it to the side for later

Step 2: The Casing

-Depending on the size of the motor and propeller you found, choose a circular casing which has a large enough diameter and depth to fit the propeller. 
-I chose to use the top of a smoke detector; it is fairly light weight, the perfect size for my propeller and also already has holes for air to -pass through.
-Cut out the center of the plastic case using a drill bit and an x-acto and sand down any excess bumps/pieces of plastic to reduce weight- The lighter, the better.

Step 3: Coating With Plasti Dip

Tape the bottom of the smoke detector so that about 2mm is covered at the bottom. This will prevent the very bottom from getting coated (if the bottom has any rubber on it, it may cause too much friction!)

Also tape any other holes that you want to cover with Plasti Dip using electrical tape. Electrical tape is somewhat elastic, so it easily shapes around odd crevices.

After everything is taped, paint the Plasti Dip onto your circular case using a paintbrush that you don't mind ruining- this stuff does not come off easily. The Plasti Dip will give it a rubber finish, allowing better control of the puck.

When the Plasti Dip is dry, remove the bottom piece of tape and use an x-acto knife to cut away any excess rubber.

Step 4: Mounting the Propeller

Mount the propeller so that when attached to a battery, air is sucked through the vents of the fire alarm and pushed downwards.

I used hot glue to mount it and a large plastic spacer (red) to raise the propeller up since it was slightly touching the ground.

Step 5: Add Batteries and Wire It All Together

Take apart the 9V battery as explained in step two and arrange the innards in a circular cap. This will help distribute the weight evenly. I'm not too sure about all brands, but I know that Duracell has the batteries welded together in a chain, which works perfectly.

Glue the batteries down and wire the motor, switch, and battery together.

After everything is in place inside the cap, drill a few holes to allow air in.

Step 6: Time to Play!

Glue the cap onto the smoke detectors' top and grab some friends! Your puck is ready to go.



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This makes me want to replace all the floors on my house with hardwood floors. This is clever, and looks like loads of fun!!

I want to make this for gym class. Please help me find a propellor and motor. I have everything else I just need the main component.

I remember they were selling these at learning express for like $20. They were awesome!!!

Woah where? I looked all over online and thought this toy didn't exist? Can you send me the link

I had one got it for crismis it was rechagibal but I lost the puck

Still cool to DIY!

I looked up it at that website (, it is $11.99 but it is a "low-friction" puck, it doesn't float like yours. Great instructable. Thanks!


Dude, This would drive my Dogs NUTS! Way Cool!

I like your idea, have you tryed a computer fan or mabye a hair dryer fan. They are about the same size and it's probably cheaper to buy. Also mabye you should make the bottom of the puck more like a hovercraft to make it have less friction between the bottom and the floor.

Yeah, I tried a computer fan and it was too weak and also too heavy... haven't tried a hair dryer though.