Step 5: Plastering and Finishing Pieces

Picture of Plastering and Finishing Pieces
Once the skeleton/frame pieces were done, they were ready for plaster. I cut the plaster strips into various lengths, and then dipped them in water, and added them on. I would normally double-layer a statue like this, but due to the size I needed to conserve where I could. The legs, however, did get double-layered for added strength.

To smooth it all out, after putting the strips on, I took some plaster (of Paris) and mixed it with water to a milky consistency. I could then paint this on top of the surface to cover any small holes that the strips had, smoothing out the surface. To make the surface shiny and glossy (like the Queen needed to be), I took some Mod Podge and mixed it with a little bit of water and painted a layer of that over the top. And after that, I even sprayed some clear lacquer on top for added strength and shine.

Painting was easy enough. Lots of black, which could usually be found for $1 a can. Which was a good thing, because it took 12 cans to cover the whole thing. After that, a few highlights of yellow on the neck and shoulder areas, and then highlights with blue on raised areas. Those blue highlights help a lot as to how well it photographs.