Step 7: Final Assembly

Picture of Final Assembly
Setting it up required two people. The torso/head had to be lifted up and onto the neck stand. One person would then support the back of the torso while I added the legs. After that, it was free standing and I could add the arms, legs, spines, tail, and inner mouth. The tail would need a little extra support, so it was sitting on some buckets on a footstool.

The whole thing weighs in at about 50 pounds, which for the size isn't bad. The torso/head piece was 25 pounds in itself, then 6 pounds for each leg, and the rest of the weight in the other pieces. It stood about 10 feet tall and 13 feet long. Full sized, but in a position that did allow it to fit in the 11-foot garage. It was a success!

Well, almost. After it had been standing for a few weeks the duct tape on the neck stand became detached and it became less balanced and I had to take it down. I never got to get pictures of it and my Power Loader both assembled at the same time. :(  But after I repair the neck stand, there may be another chance for that in the future.

GTAtomten4 years ago
Man, do i feel stupid. Saw all your youtube videos and love them. Then here on instructables, i thought this and the powerloader instructables would just be a link to the youtube video like, the Davy Jones costume. Now i noticed they are full length instructables. Keep going!
Greetings from sweden :)