Step 11: Complete

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I wired the color LED's lights from each Box to the MOSFET IC per Bit form the output of PortD. I wired the LED nose to the MOSFET form the LM555 timer. I wired the buzzer to the TI driver IC for operation. 12VDC fan is to keep all IC's cool.

I hope you enjoyed the idea.....

Hi, I love love this idea. We are going to use it for a display table for the fair. However, we do not need to light up each individual box as it is during the day. Is there anyway to make the electricty simpler? Honestly, it is all greek to me. I understand how a simple circuit works but this blows my mind!

Hello, I would like to ask how was it received at your event. I would like to use it at a health fair to promote organ donation and awareness. I would like to talk with those who have made the model and the reaction from the audience. Thank you.