Step 7: Box LED's

Picture of Box LED's
Box LED's
To illuminate the box locations so you can play the game in the dark I installed three white LED's (green Wires) per box that are always on. I bough white LED's Christmas lights and cut them in groups of three in a string of lights. I punched holed in each box and glued them in position on the sides and soldered with a 330 ohm (1/2W) resister to be powered by 12VDC. I will do this same this to all boxes for the game board. The white LED's light will be on all the time the game is powered on.
I also include color LED's (White Red Wires) in ever box also that will turn on and flash when it is detected by the microcontroller. I punched three 5mm holes on sides of all the boxes and glued the LED's in place. I used groups of red, green, blue, yellow, and green etc. Three are wired together in serial with a 220 ohm (1/2W) resistor that is connected to the MOSFET on the main circuit board that will be controlled by the microcontroller.