Step 8: Microcontrollers and Circuit

I used a breadboard to put all components on and run wire to connect.
The game board is controlled by a PIC (Microchip) microcontroller PIC16F877. The grab tongs have (salad tongs) have a flexible wire attached that is connected to 5VDC. When the grab tongs comes in contact with one of the aluminum sides of any object pickup boxes it will produce a High (5Vdc) bit that is read by the microcontroller and will run a faction for that object. The microcontroller code is in a loop comparing the bits in PortB for a high (5vdc) signal to any of the object pickup area. The code is written when a high (5vdc) signal is detected it will call the box functions for that object pick-up area detected. The box functions will turn on the flashing nose light PortA (Bit0) and PortE (Bit0) buzzer, then it will flash the colored three LED's in that detected box area and then at the end for the function we turn off (clear all inputs and outputs) and the game is ready to play again. This box function will take 3 to 4 seconds to complete and then the game is ready again.

The buzzer (PortA Bit0) is using the TI DRV101 solenoid IC driver that turns on with a high bit on pin1 and the voltage is adjusted by the 10K ohm trim pot connected to pin3. The flashing nose LED (PortE Bit0) is controlled by a high bit on pin4 tunes on the 555 Timer IC and makes the LED flash with the use of the OnSemi power MOSFET MTP10N10EL to increase the current to make the LED's bright. The buzzer is from Radio Shack part #273-55 that runs of 12VDC. The buzzer is mounted on the top positioned toward the players.

The microcontroller will flash the LED's on the detected box by the output in PortD by the Power MOSFET to increase the current to flash the LED's.
Hi, I love love this idea. We are going to use it for a display table for the fair. However, we do not need to light up each individual box as it is during the day. Is there anyway to make the electricty simpler? Honestly, it is all greek to me. I understand how a simple circuit works but this blows my mind!
<p>Hello, I would like to ask how was it received at your event. I would like to use it at a health fair to promote organ donation and awareness. I would like to talk with those who have made the model and the reaction from the audience. Thank you.</p>
Great idea, and people will not feel preached at. After all, Jesus probably laughed. Very nice
Can you please tell me how the trunkaroo game works?
they had something like one of these at Burning Man a couple years ago, except the mistakes caused you to get shocked by a very low voltage/current.
If it was both low voltage and current, it would not shock you. Most devices like shocking pens and gum packs operate at a few hundred volts, with very little current.
It seems like you have a very powerful microcontroller doing very little. You could program the PIC to blink the nose, and make the buzzing sound through a regular speaker, in which case you can alter it to make a variety of sounds. Since you have each area connected to a unique pin, you can have it make different sounds for each area.
you make this look so hard all you have to do is set it up so when your metal thing hits foil it completes a circuit
i know, i rember building smaller versons of these with some kids at a science summer camp.
Hi There! I was wondering if you would be open to renting this game out. I am planning a fundraising event and am looking for life size game. Only a few people would be chosen to play the game. Just curious where you are located. I am in Northwest Illinois.
I'm guessing your name is Mark McCuller? :)<br/><br/>If I have to do a project for anatomy, I hope this will be allowed. This would be <em>the</em> most fun to make and use, and I'm pretty much guaranteed a good grade!<br/>
there is already a operration
You have to make a video of it i wanna see that!!! WOW, i was expecting a simple project, but you have really made it technical! NICE!!!
The Video is now available enjoy.....
Hey mark do you live near knoxville because i was on a bike ride and i passed a church that said trunk 0 treat on it
I think a lot of churches do this because my church and my friends church both did this (I live in Michigan).
Great Idea! I've always wanted to operate lawfully... MWOHAHAHAHAHA Mexican heart transplants.

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