If you have the same little problems like me, you are right now* staring on an empty place in your room and wondering "Man, I am a huge fan of No More Heroes and I have got a free area of about 60 x 80 cm in my apart from that desperately overstuffed little chamber. What can I do?"
Let me deliver you from your spare space and tell you: There is a solution.
Follow my Instructable and let me help you fill the gap with a not even too expensive 1:1 paper version of Travis Touchdown, including his shining Beam Katana.
On the promo picture, the figure looks a bit small, because of the focal blur, but it's not. It's 1.86m.

And for the Epilog contest I have to add: I would love and hug my laser cutter, call it Jorge and use him to make awesome 3D-figures and mechanics out of wood, because I don't love and hug my jigsaw, it even kind of annoys me.

Let's start into the project with a fitting quote from the intro of No More Heroes I:
"It's gonna be a long, hard road. But who knows? Could kick ass. Could be dangerous. Could totally suck."

*for all the smartypants: Of course not
right now, as you would have to read as you watch as you wonder.

Step 1: How I Made the Model

(Editor's note: Who thinks of a series when reading this title watches too much TV)
Yet another step which you can skip, arousing the anger of the creator (which is me).
I put so much time in the creation of the model, so I would like to tell you how I made it. Sounds fair? Okay.

Neither the model nor the textures are ripped from the original game, I made everything from scratch. For the modeling, I used Anim8or, which is freeware, for the texturing I used Paint Shop Pro X2, which is not as free as Anim8or, and for the unfolding I used Pepakura, which is definitely not as free as Anim8or.

I started with searching for reference photos for Travis and his Beam Katana, but the gain was rare, so I took some photos of Travis's wardrobe in the (second) game.

For the model, I used my own (Paper Clone) as a reference model, regrettably not finding too many similarities, so basically everything had to be made new (I could use some parts of the shoes, hurray).
The texturing was more fun. I could mess around with my graphical tablet.. At least one day, until I hurt my hand and had to draw further with the mouse.. Well it worked either. As this is a round model, I had to create many seamless textures, and in the end I had about 35 textures on the model.
The unfolding job was endless, the model consists of 3500 faces and I had to check the place of each one of them, getting them in an order one is able to glue the right pieces together. For the first time in my life, I added sequence-numbers to the sites, but I found out it really helps (surprise).
And then, finally, the crafting: Yay! That's fun. I love crafting! Everything grows together.. A great thing. Unfortunately I still had my hand hurt (I still have), making the crafting look a bit ridiculous, but who cares. Result's what counts!
<p>I can't download the model. It doesn't appear anywhere on the download page. Please could you check this ? Thanks a lot and excellent work.</p>
sir, you have my respect as a NMH fan too
I can't find this model... and I really want to do it... TT_TT but the download doesn't work again...
can u make a life size gymmy bear
gosh.. i just love your workkkkkk
Suda would be proud :'D
NEED. TO. BUILD. THIS. but download file doesn't work D: someone send it to me?
<br> <em>Strong</em> <em>work!</em><br> <br> The back view (Step 10) is freakishly realistic...<br> <br> Excellible...<br> <br> Kevin<br>
&quot;The color is crumbly and falls off the edges, gluing it together is a ride on a burning horse through hell. &quot;<br><br>lol
i was blown away by the paper clone and this is just as cool!
WOW! and people thought my project was ridiculous. I love this and I hope you enjoy it every time you look at it!
Nice one man! I really like big papercraft models and of course the people who share those with the community!
Very cool..<br>GREAT job..<br>I love Pepakura! Great software!
You. Are. Awesome. 'Nuff said.
This reeks of awesome-sauce.

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