Step 3: Foam Board Body Pieces

Picture of Foam Board Body Pieces
This is where most of the time gets devoted to a project like this: cutting and gluing together pieces of foam boards. There's not much to explain. I simply measured out specific proportions from my reference statue and scaled them up. Drew the outlines on the foam boards and cut them out. Hot glued it all together. It's pretty simple, it just takes a lot of time. Adding all manner of smaller details also takes a lot of extra time, like the letters on the arms and legs. Thin cardboard, like cereal and soda boxes, also comes in handy for more specific details. Containers that were already cylindrical, like Pringles cans and oatmeal containers, are also very useful.

barondixon3 years ago
You sure have the knack for cutting foamcore! WHAT DO YOU USE???? And how do you use it? Could you give some detailed info regarding neat cutting of foamcore? Perhaps its own tutorial would be a good way to address this.
Quicksolver4 years ago
Could you add some specific measurements? I have no frame of reference...I really want to build this (and I like your tip on those PVC pipes) but I don't know how big to make the legs