Step 3: Foam Board Body Pieces

This is where most of the time gets devoted to a project like this: cutting and gluing together pieces of foam boards. There's not much to explain. I simply measured out specific proportions from my reference statue and scaled them up. Drew the outlines on the foam boards and cut them out. Hot glued it all together. It's pretty simple, it just takes a lot of time. Adding all manner of smaller details also takes a lot of extra time, like the letters on the arms and legs. Thin cardboard, like cereal and soda boxes, also comes in handy for more specific details. Containers that were already cylindrical, like Pringles cans and oatmeal containers, are also very useful.

<p>I want one</p>
<p>Top notch work man. Damn that is good.</p>
Love the creation sensations
you can get foam board at the dollar store too
<p>I know you mentioned you had trouble lifting and extending the arms because of how cumbersome they were, as well as having to take baby steps. I'm wondering if you considered using counterbalancing weights and pulleys to take the &quot;weight&quot; out of the limbs and make moving around easier? It would probably double the total weight, but when you're moving in it, it would require almost no effort on your part.</p>
How is it I had months to make an Alien costume but no time to make this!?!?!
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oh my well that is just bloody fantastic I totally love it, :)
I wanna be you when I grow up!!
why don't you put a blue print out of the design so others can try to make one
I got a real laugh out of this, especially the bit of you walking like some old guy with a back problem :)<br><br>awesome build.
omg can i buy that off of you
You sure have the knack for cutting foamcore! WHAT DO YOU USE???? And how do you use it? Could you give some detailed info regarding neat cutting of foamcore? Perhaps its own tutorial would be a good way to address this.
Bravo! And the video was well done as well.
WOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! You won! Great job!!!!
nice but what do you do with stairs or you fall over
I don't know if the author's familiar with &quot;Drywall Stilts&quot; but they're about the correct height, securely strap to your legs &amp; have pivots &amp; springs that allow for easy movement. They have a very mechanical look to them &amp; I've seen tradespersons go up small steps like in a split level home or search Google &amp; YouTube for wild results! While searching (decath1 was the user name) I saw &quot;Jumping Stilts&quot; that had high mobility &amp; looked fun to use ! CoroPlast might serve construction a little better in that it's rigid, comes in colors &amp; weights, can be screwed for attachment.
Dude! That is off the hook. This is one of my favorite movies and you did an awesome job putting it together. Thanks for sharing that!
pringles can in the feet! :)
Could you add some specific measurements? I have no frame of reference...I really want to build this (and I like your tip on those PVC pipes) but I don't know how big to make the legs
Oh my god, that is AMAZING
man |I lost all my chances on this contest! :(<br>This costume is very cool!<br>I am really jelous. <br>:D
Something like this would be excellent for budget film production.<br><br>Awesome!<br><br>Does anyone know how to build an &quot;Avatar&quot; style armor exoskeleton?
I think I speak for everyone when I say: BEST &amp;#$@ing HALLOWEEN COSTUME EVER! Awesome Job alexthemoviegeek! You make life size threatening machinery look life size and threatening! I am at a loss for your amazingness!
I would modify it just a bit to make it look like SUV from starcraft.
its not a truck, its a SVC
That's NOTHING!! How about TWO Loaders doing battle with each other?!?! <br><br><br><br>Defiant Theatre did this much cheaper, dumber, and awesomer!!<br><br><br><br>The battle begins around 2min45sec.<br><br><br><br><a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hoqi5LKDi78">Alien Wars YouTube Link</a><br><br><br><br><br>
AWESOME costume design... Aliens is my all time favorite movie! Very nice build, i love the detail you put into this. All you need now is a welding torch added to it and it would be perfect =0)
Had an idea to keep your hydraulic cylinders from popping out. <br>You would need the PVC end caps, a drill &amp; some thing like duct tape. <br> <br>Drill a hole in the cap the diameter of the rod &amp; then feed dowel through. Tape the ends with a mass of duct tape to prevent it from coming out of the cap &amp; then trim the rod and apply caps to cylinders... <br>hope it helps :)
I actually did something very similar to that: the cylinder barrels are &quot;capped&quot; at one end to let only the rods in, and the rods did have a piece of foam board glued at the end to keep it from coming out easily. The problem came with trying to move a joint that was at an angle rather than aligned. Putting pressure on that just made the angle tighter and eventually something would give way and break. That and foam board is interesting in that it is a foam board covered on either side with a sort of paper. So if there's enough pressure on it, the paper can peel off of the foam, and that's what happened on most of the failed cylinders. I guess that's the drawback of getting the cheaper foam boards. But it can be repaired easily enough.
What about a 2 part epoxy putty like the one from Loc-Tite? You could use it to make a sphere around the end of the rod &amp; reduce the pressure put on it by the sharp angles?
Great Costume! You really did a great job with this.<br> <br> Not taking away from anything you've done but i would love to have the means to be creative. Area to work in - money to buy the nessasary items, time etc etc.<br> <br> Who says money can't buy happiness... maybe not - but it can get you damn close.<br> <br> alexthemoviegeek - Your very fortunate to have all the means to be able to build this. And time to put into it.<br> <br> I commend you. Keep going and who knows - perhaps one day we'll see your name in the movie credits.<br> <br> -chase-
holy moly, that is absolutely amazing!
hmm...Mount the gripper jaws on light drawer slides and a light weight cable (monofilament) and block and tackle mechanism to magnify your gripping motion. Cheaper than stepper motors anyway...unless you know a copier/printer guy with OLD stuff in the warehouse.
Greeeeeeeeeeeeat job!<br><br>Just a thought..for low budget audio effects, record the walking movement tracks on the sound units from recordable greeting cards, then set them into the costume where your walking motion tugs the trigger tabs. Use a little elastic to relieve stress on the tabs, or stretch silicone jewelry cord Joanne's crafts has it, maybe Michael's &amp; probably Hobby Lobby. Cost you ten bucks.
I can see someone is ready for halloween.
Incredible accuracy. Great work!<br><br>Now what about insulating the garage?
Now could someone make a BGC-19 XD<br><br>See S02E01 MST3k (Rocket Ship X-M)
good job !continue, and holywood make you surrely rich.
COOL really great. <br><br>Just the thing for Cub night, or take to school to keep the little so &amp; sos in line. Great for shows as well.<br>Cheers all Kiwi
Fantastic job!!!!
Awesome job! I know exactly what a challenge this is and you did it in two weeks?? Impressive, man. Enjoyed seeing some of the details that I ran out of time for like the decals/logos, the keypad, the antennae, the torch, and the buckle label. Makes me really want to add those now :)<br><br>Thanks for the shout-outs in the i'ble, too!
You are my geek hero! Love it!
Dude,<br>That is sick!!<br><br>Wow, great job!!<br><br>You have a lot of Perseverance!<br><br>You must have a lot of time on your hands.<br><br>You should be able to win some $$$ on that, with Halloween coming up!<br>Halloween Contest!<br><br>Again, GREAT JOB, and keep up the great work<br><br>
coooooooooooooooooooooooooooolll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <br>:-O
this is the coolest thing evere made... ever ? YES EVER !!!!

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