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Liza Trainer has come up with some pretty awesome stuff over the years. Here is one of her many creations that start, not surprisingly, with a simple idea. Enjoy :).

Alright guys, I see the problem. No, I am not plagiarizing, Liza is a friend, and she asked me specifically to put this project on this website. I would not take something without asking and would never plagiarize her work. The link above is to her website, the link here is to the forum post of her asking me to post the project online. Finally, here is the forum post about the project. Enjoy.

Step 1: Da Feet

Picture of Da Feet

First she created the feet, very simply, as you can see below.

Step 2: De Legs

Picture of De Legs

Next, she added more of the legs and gave it a human sitting look.

Step 3: Ze Body

Picture of Ze Body

Here she added a torso and some arms, and filled out the "sitting" look even more.

Step 4: Color

Picture of Color

Then she painted the robot with a pretty simple camouflage paint job.

Step 5: Details

Picture of Details

Some final painting and detailing make it look more worn and used, it even looks almost burned in a couple of places now.

Step 6: Finito!

Picture of Finito!

The final image of the completed head,with details and paint and good looks, oh my!

And that's how she does it, folks ;). Just use your imagination and be creative, any old piece of junk can be fitted to the body of a robot somehow, be it plastic tubes or old wire, or a little sticker. It's your job to figure out what else it could be, in your imagination. Good luck.


hammer9876 (author)2008-11-12

I hate to have to point out the obvious, but this is not a robot.

shadowyblade (author)hammer98762010-02-07

 Amen, this is not a robot.  A robot must respond to stimuli, and this just sits there. That is why it is titled a "prop." Still, it looks nice. Good work!

aseaheru (author)hammer98762009-03-18

is to, or you could call it a droid?

hammer9876 (author)aseaheru2009-03-18

"is to"? (sigh) No, these are not instructables for a robot, a droid, or even a remote controlled prop. As the author said, it is a life size prop. In fact, it is a great life size prop. With that said, the title implies that these are instructables for making a robot, which is the reason I clicked on the link. This prop can do nothing on its own except maybe fall down, which would be due to gravity more than anything else. I would like to see the instructable on making a life size robot! Still, it is a great life size prop. I just object to the misleading title.

lucius108 (author)hammer98762009-07-05

well he did say prop

hammer9876 (author)lucius1082009-07-05

The original title didn't say it was a prop and that was what a couple of us were objecting to. Currently it says "Life Size Robot Prop" which is a better descriptive title.

You're fighting sea of stupidity in a dinghy. You're fighting a losing battle, against the moronic, my firend. Please, just stop encouraging them, and shake it off.

lucius108 (author)hammer98762009-07-08

oh I see my apologies

aseaheru (author)hammer98762009-03-19

ok, it is asom, and dos not move,but i would still call it a robot

Eirinn (author)aseaheru2009-04-28

I'd call it a robot prop - this isn't a robot, still quite awesome, but not a robot :)

hammer9876 (author)Eirinn2009-04-28

Thank you Eirinn! I sure wish Runeshai would change the title of this from "Life Size Robot" to "Life Sized Robot Prop." This Instructable is simply misnamed. Good Instructable, just misnamed.

Eirinn (author)hammer98762009-04-30

Well it's kinda of like making a origami tomato and call it a tomato - it's not, it's a tomato made out of paper and people wanting to put it in their salad would get disappointed. Pretty silly analogy, but same thing.

Runeshai (author)hammer98762008-11-12

The point was to create a prop for a movie. It didn't have to be functional, though its creator has made some functional robots in her past (I'm not the creator, but she asked me to post this here. You can find her work at

aseaheru (author)2009-03-17


WhiteTigerTails (author)aseaheru2009-09-15

Stop txting and maybe we'll tell you.

aseaheru (author)WhiteTigerTails2009-09-15

do you mean texting?

Zombie hunter (author)2007-10-27

Thats just a droid from star wars!

aseaheru (author)Zombie hunter2009-03-20

her insperation

Runeshai (author)Zombie hunter2007-10-27

I've had quite a few people point out that the picture above is just a robot from Star Wars. Yes, I know. However, since how-tos are in step-by-step format, and they often involve reference pictures, then if you actually followed this how-to, you'd notice that this was in fact a reference picture and that the rest of the steps demonstrate how to make your own, different and original, life-size robot. Please pay attention to what it is you're actually looking at before you start flaming it.

aseaheru (author)2009-03-19


peterjacob (author)2008-06-23


jammer (author)2008-03-30

nice thank you

ItsTheHobbs (author)2007-11-01

whats the head?

bedbugg2 (author)2007-10-12

i have the same laptop as you! does it have vista. hp's rock!

xbattle xwar (author)2007-05-13

nice work.........w0000000000000000000000t

xbattle xwar (author)2007-05-13

I dont understand, is that robot just a plastic toy u just demonstrating or is it a real robot u made. Same with the first comment, plz add more details

Spl1nt3rC3ll (author)2007-04-29

Please include more details on how to build this. Thanks

lemonie (author)2007-03-10

What's your relationship to/with Liza Trainer? Is this posted somewhere else on the internet? L

Runeshai (author)lemonie2007-03-12

Firstly, yes, I do know Liza Trainer, personally through her forum, and she asked me specifically to post both the Robot and Dead Guy process images on this website after I recommended it to her for future projects. So yes, I have permission, and yes, she knows and is greatly thankful for this being online. Secondly, "We have a "be nice" comment policy. Please be positive and constructive with your comments or risk being banned from our site." If you read the loud, red notice right below the comment box when you click inside it to comment, you'll know where that's from. To all of you guys who posted constructively... which is actually only one person and they didn't post politely either, I'm sorry it's not in more detail or more of an "instructable," the titles I was just having fun with, and the images are all I have, so they're there for reference. Sorry some of you guys can't fill in the blanks by yourselves, that is what it's about anyways, isn't it?

lemonie (author)Runeshai2007-03-12

I am being nice.
Have I accused you of plaigarism? I know this isn't a straight rip-off, and I'm curious to know more.
However, as per the terms of use on Liza's forum page, you don't have permission. Have you seen their big red warning? (link on the dead-guy instructable). Not that I think anyone will notice, or care or terminate Liza's account...

People haven't been too positive about this, because none of it is your work. I appreciate that Liza can't do this easily herself, but if you don't explain this clearly, you end up in with the other people who just lift stuff from somewhere else. (That's why I asked)



Runeshai (author)lemonie2007-03-13

Liza owns LHM Productions, it's Liza's Home Movies. Just to clear up anything for anybody wondering about the legality of this project being here.

lemonie (author)Runeshai2007-03-13

Thanks for the update (this had not occurred to me). L

Runeshai (author)lemonie2007-03-12

Alright. I'm sorry if I sounded harsh, but I was asked and I did follow through, and I know the legalities can be an issue, though maybe not in this case. I just didn't see why people should dismiss a creative endeavor, even though my intro was lacking somewhat, yes, simply because it wasn't mine. I understand, sure, but it's still a creative process, and it's not necessarily possible to go into extreme detail, or do too many specifics, because she uses a lot of scrap stuff, and the process is creative, so it's whatever strikes the maker as something that would work for the part it would play, not specific things that can be bought in a store. It's supposed to be a rough guideline for a project like this, and people attacked it, that's what I reacted to. Oh, and yes, I have seen their big red warning sign but have not read their T.O.S. but I figured that since she asked me and it was her stuff, it would be alright. You're right, I could get in legal trouble if something happened that would provoke their madness about it or something, but you're also right in saying that I don't think anyone's going to get really upset or bothered by it.

Liza Trainer (author)2007-03-12

Holy mother of god, What would happen to a porn spamer here, lol. I asked him to post it, I only have a net card in my laptop, and it drops the link to the net every ten min's, so it is a real pain in my a$$. Well I hope it's good info for next Halloween.

Please forgive the, uh... overprotective responses to what did seem at first like someone ripping off your astounding work.

Very inspiring work. As in, it makes me want to get up off my ass and make something.

Could you perhaps comment on what some of the gegaws are that are attached to make the finished effect? I recognize an outlet box and a recessed lighting can...

Oh, and... welcome to Instructables.

Kiteman (author)2007-03-11

This is a straight lift from a movie-prop forum. Do you even have permission to copy the pictures onto this site? I doubt it.

Andrew546 (author)Kiteman2007-03-11

It would seem he does, at least from liza herself:

But in the other one ("Dead guy 101"), lemonie was saying that doesn't necessarily give him permission under the terms of service of that forum. So I'm not sure. He might have valid permission. :/

Erik Lindemann (author)2007-03-11

Dis instructable is de worst. Learn how to write de instructable before submitting ze instructable. Zis is a gallery of zees person's pictures of their project. Finito!

evy-wevy (author)2007-03-10

you shouldn't be trash talking on here, nor should you be posting someone elses work. Tisk Tisk

LasVegas (author)2007-03-10

I guess that's the trend now. People don't have original thoughts anymore so they post someone else's work and call it an Instructable.

lemonie (author)FrenchCrawler2007-03-10

I knew it was there somewhere, but I didn't find it from the posted link, so thanks. I'd like a response to my first comment - e.g. is someone just plugging their girlfriend's website? (I'll not assume that this is no more than a republish of someone else's work)

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