Papercraft 1:1 Scale Star Wars Battle Droid.





Introduction: Papercraft 1:1 Scale Star Wars Battle Droid.

Once upon a time, at a galaxy far far can make battle droids out of PAPER!!!!

I know many of you are preparing for halloween...well...even if you aren't you can make yourself a futuristic life sized BATTLE DROID! Star wars has always been my favorite movie series and it has so much cool stuff!! Everything in star wars is a glimpse into the future.So this battle droid will be made out of purely paper and glue, you don't have to be a Jedi or Darth Vader to do this. Now I will leave the making to you. Have fun! And: May the Force Be With You. .

Step 1: Preparing and Meterials.

1.First you will need a free template viewing software, Download it through this link below:

2.Then you will need templates that you will then print on paper. The Files attached.

3.Open the files in the software and print out the templates.(Best works to drag the files into the software).

4.You will need some glue. Pva glue works best on these projects.

5.A xacto knife.

6.Some A4 Paper. (Any thinness works, the thicker the stronger your battle droid will be).

Step 2: Print Those Templates! and Start Cutting.

Once you get the templates printed out you can start cutting out the templates. (Remember to cut them strictly according to the solid lines so your out come would be more accurate.


Only cut the templates for the parts that you are making.

The picture above shows what lines are mountain or valley folds.

You may adjust the thickness of the lines in Pepakura viewer.

Step 3: Start Putting the Cutout Templates Together.

After you have cut the templates out you may start to glue your parts together.

Don't apply too much glue on the tabs or the paper may be saoked and will rip easily.

The glue may sometimes be frustrating so...just a little paitience will help : )

Keep repeating the cuting and glueing steps for other parts.

Step 4: Final Assembly

Now for assembly you will have to just put the joints of the arms and legs and head together and your battle droid is almost finished and ready for battle...well..not really battle. But it'll be a stunning statue of the battle droid that you can place around the house or bring it out on halloween parties.

Hope you enjoyed!



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    So how can you make a b1 battle droid out of metal? and how to make it become a service droid like serving meals, cook and etc?

    are the files already to scale for the life size that you built or do we have to change sizes during printing to to get the 1:1 scale that you built? really need to know so i don't print this out and build it and it be a dwarf droid i want it to be the same size as yours

    You don't have to scale it. it is already 1:1 : )

    So it just stands on it's own, no supports or anything?


    I downloaded the program you recommended, but I was not able to grab the files you created. I tried dragging them but it did not work. Please help

    Have you tried dragging them to both sides of the window? Because sometimes only one side of the window works for dragging files in.

    I've looked at the Templates, they do not include the Head details, like the eyes and the lines on the ''face'', am I correct?
    If I am, how did you do the facial Details on your Paper Droid?

    You are correct. The templates don't have head and eye details.

    What I did was I made stencils and coloured it on the droid.