A photo walk through Guadalupe River Park, San Jose
                                                                        By: Jefferey Alan Wilson Sr.
                                                                           "I made it at TechShop"

Introduction: I have lived in San Jose California my entire Life. It went from orchards to Silicon Valley during that time. Most people born after 1970 don't realize our agricultural heritage. I used to play in this creek when I was a kid. 

I have not visited this wonder of the merging of nature and man for over 50 years. This is the first time I have be back. So, this is my three day journey of 'Life Under the Bridge"

Step 1: The Park Has Life


1). Cell phone
2). Bike
3). A good eye
4). FaceBook Page
5). paint program
6). CorelDRAW
7). TechShop Computer

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