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Introduction: Life Is Too Short to Wear a Boring Hat!

I was a sculptor/painter until I became a Mommy. Now, I'm a "hooker" specializing in gourmet crochet hats & couture wearables.

I use a LOT of Lion and JoAnn Inspiration Brand yarns, in addition to wonderful hand painted, hand spun, silk, rayons, and cotton from Mystical Creation Yarns from New Mexico. I just couldnt get by without them, and anything else I find on sale!

When it comes to my designs - I break all the "rules"! I'm self taught... I dont count stitches, or use patterns and I delight in using yarns of various weights in the same piece (*gasp) Thats right... I'm a real renegade! ha!

To me, every hat is a work of art. I pair colors that I find appealing or texturally interesting together, sometimes using up 10 different yarns in one piece. My work is unhindered and free form. Each hat is one of a kind, and as unique as the people who wear them!

I do what I do, because I love the feel of fiber between my fingers... and because I'm not right with the world when I'm not creating. The majority of my day is spent being a Mom, and I often sacrifice precious beauty sleep to create and crochet. Long after everyone else in tucked snuggly into their beds... you'll find me knee deep in yarn...muse struck.... with hook in hand.

This slide show is just a small sampling of my work. On average, I make 60 hats a month, as well as a few sweaters, and frocks! (I am a VERY busy hooker!) My 3 yr old daughter is my model and best saleslady! But dont let her size fool you! The human head is nearly fully grown by age 3. The hats you see her wearing here are all ADULT sizes. I also offer preemie, 6 mo, 12 mo, and 24 mo sizes.

You can find my work for sale at my website at, select retail shops, or if the stars align, you might even happen onto me in person at craft fair or art festival somewhere in or around the Pacific NW.

Now, just sit back... relax... and enjoy the show!
Oh! And by the way... Custom orders are always welcome!



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    to the title of this article i say true dat

    Cute Hats! I love the fuzzy and pink and purple hats!

    I personally can let you all know that the hats will make you and those around you smile! I love to see my daughter wear her custom 'off the hook hat' with her little feather boas off each point. I love mine too, mostly 'cause my ears are warm.

    I LOVE THE HATS!!! I would like to order, do you ship in Europe? I have shared your web site with some friends and we are all hooked! You're cool all the way to Macedonia!

    1 reply

    Wow! All the way to Macedonia huh? Thanks for such an awesome compliment!! : ) Yes, I ship world wide and would be happy to be your "hooker" for hire! ha! Just pick your colors, shape and size and away I'll go! You'll have your own Off the Hook Hat in no time!

    Really cool hats! Thank you for sharing your idea. happyjean

    Thank you! I noticed that you have a bounty of very nice hats as well!

    Very Very nice work ! Cute model too

    Very nice work. I'm sure kids love them because they look so fun. :D

    2 replies

    Thank you! Yes, they are really fun for kids... of all ages!
    I, for instance, am a "kid" of 38. ha!

    Dont let the small stature of my model fool you! All the hats she's wearing are an ADULT size. Because the human head is nearly fully grown by age 3... "big head" sizes are "age 3 & up".

    Smaller sizes like: preemie, 6 mos, 12mos, and 24 mos are also available!

    I bet they do. I want one too!
    Just kidding.

    Wow. Your headgear is brilliant! And almost as cute as your model!

    1 reply

    Why, Thank you for the nice compliments - on both counts! Yes, I think my little "petunia" is pretty darn cute too, but as her Mom, its my job to be a smidgen biased! : ) On a totally different note... We have a cockatiel named Moby, and friends of ours have a cockatiel named Skipper. Coincidence...?