Life Saver for Life With Teenager





Introduction: Life Saver for Life With Teenager

MOM! I can't find my socks, can I use your's????? please?????

I can not remember where I saw the picture of the EMBROIDERY HOOP WITH NYLON BAG

It was either a magazine or one of the Online sites I peruse.

A light went up in my brain.

Step 1: What You Need

1 hoop. plastic or wood. any size, you may have it laying around.

1 nylon washabe bag, I get mine online, they are huge.

( the clean team has them)

1 sharpie marker


Put the bag in the hoop, Write on it your childs name, and have her place her dirty socks

and any small items, which can get lost.

When its time for laundry , remove embroidery hoop and Tie the bags up securely.

wash dry and never have socks eaten by the sock monster again

They can also be found at WALMART, Linnen/ Things and Stores like it.

Step 2: Just Have Your Teenager Fill Her Small Laundry in These Bags.

After my daughter tirned 14 I requested, that she do her own laundry. My child went from 6 Outfits to 2 a day, over a time period. One outfit was home clothes, one outfit was her work clothes.

Step 3: Final Thought.

In these times of juggling family, work and self care, I will continue to search for any idea, which will make life

easier for any Family.

Thank you




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    Very cool idea. Might want to make note that you should edit out your name, address, and phone number from the screenshot for privacy reasons.

    This is so smart! I'm doing this tonight! Will save my socks and underwear from the laundry machines that eat them... Thanks for sharing!

    I am so glad you like it.