I got this idea from the following you tube video after googling  "how to build a human spider coccoon" I had to look for a inexpensive and realistic method before I found one I liked and there weren't very many out there so I took ideas from the video and mande my own version. This is how I did it and all the people in the neighborhood love it! Here's the video link to help you along and you'll get the idea: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWNMgZFHEfE&feature=context-gfa

Step 1: Materials and Tools List

for each cocconed body you will need:
1 150' roll food plastic wrap ( $1.99 at Winco  or Fred Meyers for a 200' roll)
2 rolls 750' clear plastic mailing tape ($3.99 for 3 at Fred Meyers)
1 8' 2" X2'" board ($1.69 Home Depot, I already had)
1 4" X 6" X 1/2" piece of plywood (in my scrap box)
8 1" deck screws (in my cofee can full of fastners)
1 1 1/2" eye bold, washer, and nut ( Home depot $1.19)
white and tan spray paint (Wal Mart $1.29 each, I already had)
1/2 bag Halloween spider webbing ($.99 at the Dollar Store)
1 styrofoam skull ( $.99 at the Dollar Store or up to $6.99 at Fred Meyers or Spirit Halloween, I had 15 already)

Total cost $ about $13 to $14 if you have to buy everything.My cost since I had materials on hand was $6.00

Hand saw or skill type saw
Drill with 3/8" bit and drill driver bits
measuring tape
This is super creepy! Love the way you made it. :D
My wife liked wrapping all the seran wrap and tape around me too much but it was fun and cheap! <br>
this is really cool <br>I think i will make one for Halloween this year
The new one for next year will be a &quot;fresh coccoon&quot; and will buldge and move like the body it trying to escape another instructible coming soon.
I was going to add motion to it but, its nice and light so the local breeze keeps it moving all day and night
Very cool. I think I will make one of these for next year. Maybe add the sound bits from an old decoration with a moaning voice.

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