Introduction: LifeHack #1-Plastic Shopping Bags

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Does your plastic bag drawer look like the one pictured?
If so, this easy life hack will give you more space (for more bags or whatever else you need more space for!)

Step 1: Laying Out the Bag

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Lay the bag on a flat surface and get it as neat and smooth as possible. (So it looks as close to what it looked like while still on the bag rack in the store.)

Step 2: Beginning the Folding Process

Picture of Beginning the Folding Process

Fold the bag in half lengthwise, and smooth it out as flat as possible. Starting at the bottom of the bag, slide your hand along it to get out all the air.

Step 3: Fold #2

Picture of Fold #2

Fold the bag in half lengthwise again. Be sure to have the handles on the bottom, and the middle of the opening laying on top.

Step 4: Fold #3

Picture of Fold #3

Smooth out the air again, from the bottom of the bag to the opening.
Take the bottom of the bag and fold it in half to the top of the opening (base of handles).

Step 5: Fold #4

Picture of Fold #4

Repeat the last step, by bringing up the new 'bottom' of the bag up to the base of the handles.

Step 6: Final Fold

Picture of Final Fold

Repeat the last step (again). You should now have a bag bundle that measures about 1.5" plus the handles, by the width of the handles.

Step 7: Tying the Bag

Picture of Tying the Bag

Take the bundle and wrap the top handle under the bundle and bring it back around to the front.
Then tie the 2 handles in a half hitch just tight enough to keep the bundle from unfolding.

Step 8: Ta-Da!!

Picture of Ta-Da!!

That's it! Just repeat these steps for each bag, until you have a pile of neat little bag bundles, where you once had a gigantic pile of noisy puffy plastic bags.
Now you have more space in your bag drawer, bin, bag, under sink, or wherever you keep your plastic shopping bags.
These steps will work for any size plastic shopping bag with handles. However it doesn't work for the bags that just have a 'jellybean' shaped hole cut out of each side. (Maybe use those bags to put your bag bundles in?)
The first and last pictures in this 'ible, (those of the bag drawer) have exactly the same number of bags in them. (Notice how much more space I have In that drawer now). I folded about 50 bags in less than 10 minutes.


mrgw98 (author)2016-01-02

Can someone pleas post a video on how to do this? For some reason I can not seem to wrap my head around these instructions and it makes me feel bad, haha.

Dwargh (author)mrgw982016-01-13

Same problem here ^^

KristinM5 (author)Dwargh2016-01-13

sorry I haven't posted a vid yet. Ive been a bit busy lately with other projects, and just had all of my wisdom teeth out today. If swelling isn't too bad tomorrow, I will post one.

KristinM5 (author)mrgw982016-01-02

I will try to post on this week. My camera is currently being used for other projects and can't be moved.

mrgw98 (author)KristinM52016-01-13

Stop motion animation? I move love to see it if it is.

nikkipops (author)2015-12-29

Great idea but they will take up even less space if you start Step 4 by folding the bottom corner across at an angle (to make a triangle - the same way flags are folded) and continue alternate folding until you reach the handles, then simply tuck the handles in.

LesleaP made it! (author)2015-12-26

Great idea. I did all of mine.

KristinM5 (author)LesleaP2015-12-27

Now you have room for more bags! Lol

nautigeek made it! (author)KristinM52015-12-28

I do the first few folds then grab the bottom end with both hands and squeeze all the air out by pushing toward the open end. Then fold it in half (top to bottom) and then tie it in an overhand knot. It's fast easy and a small package.

Sandy 1949 (author)2015-12-28

I do a similar thing without the folding. I hold the end (bottom) of the bag in one hand (right handed so in my right hand) and start wrapping the bag around my fist (slide your hand up the bag as you wrap and this removes the air as you go). When there is just an inch or so of handles left, I slide the bag off my fist and tuck it in the little loop of handles that I left unwrapped. Makes a nice little ball that easily unfolds but stays that way in the drawer till needed. Not quite as pretty as yours but just as effective and very fast! After a few practices, Wrap and toss takes about 5 seconds.

KristinM5 (author)Sandy 19492015-12-28

Another great idea!

SusanH75 (author)2015-12-28

Very nice. My friend flattens them and then rolls them till justa couple inches remain and then feeds another into the roll when all are fed in then, she rests them in a foil/wax paper holder attatched to the inside cabinet wall under her sink.

KristinM5 (author)SusanH752015-12-28

That's a good idea too. I'd just be worried about ripping the bags on the metal cutter.

DisDog (author)2015-12-28

I admire your patience.

KristinM5 (author)DisDog2015-12-28

Thanks. Honestly, though, 50 bags only took me about 10-15 minutes to fold.

Ultra-Indigo (author)2015-12-27

I fold all plastic bags and then my wife yells at me for wasting time, glad to see someone on the folded side.

KristinM5 (author)Ultra-Indigo2015-12-27

Lol tell her it's an Ancient Greek tradition. (My mom showed me how to do it, and her Greek MIL showed her).

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