Step 7: Reflective Backing

Cover all of the interior wood surfaces of the box in aluminum tape (you can easily substitute aluminum foil and adhesive spray). This is important because it helps evenly distribute the light from the box and helps dissipate heat to avoid any 'hot spots' that could be caused by the bulb.
<p>I want to use 9.6W led strip, will it be enough power?</p>
Hello will this work with a dura-tran as I building it for exhibition 24x20 inches. As I am an artist and I know if in a lightbox you can see the tubes its done badly. <br> <br>cheers <br> <br>john
<p>Why not?</p>
<p>What is a &quot;dura-tran&quot;? Tried to google it but no luck.</p>
<p>Why do you need two pieces of glass?</p>
Great tutorial! I am trying to make a light box to exhibit some movie film cells. I was wondering if anybody can tell me where I could put the cells at using this type of light box? I have a ton of them but they are small. There are four images per strip and 3 strips per movie. I have ten movies! All of the films are great ones such as Alien, 300, Taken, Fight Club (all the cells for this one have Brad Pitt or Edward Norton in memorable scenes), Iron Man, etc. This Instructable seemed to look easier and nicer than the one specifically listed to showcase fill cells. If anybody can direct me toward something more relevant or tell me how to alter this one, I would greatly appreciate it!! Thank you in advance for any and all help!
led panels 8.5x11
Nice work ! <br>I vote !
Very clean and well documented, nice work!

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