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This is my version of the light bulb lamp, it actually has alcohol in it, but it works too. The base is a rough slice of bamboo (or something similar). My sister took the pictures, Looks great, doesn't it? 



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    Just use a little dollup of clear silicon caulk to secure the bulb to the base.

    Very nice! Although a bit dangerous, like mlcorson said, be sure it doesn't get knocked off the table. Otherwise it will become an instant molotov cocktail!
    But, other than the danger involved, it's a very interesting lamp. I think it might even qualify as art. Good work.

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     Dont worry! I'll take care n.n'

    anyway, for better safety, you could glue the bub to the base, add some weight to it, make it bigger... any of those would work, i guess.

    thanks for the compliment!

    It's lit....Gets bumped, rolls off table, breaks on floor. Big fire. Otherwise I like it.
    Please be careful. I have an alcohol lamp and know it can be dangerous if not taken seriously.