This is my version of the light bulb lamp, it actually has alcohol in it, but it works too. The base is a rough slice of bamboo (or something similar). My sister took the pictures, Looks great, doesn't it? 

i use parrafin oil in mine....mutch much safer
Do you have a picture of it lit?
Just use a little dollup of clear silicon caulk to secure the bulb to the base.<br />
Very nice! Although a bit dangerous, like mlcorson said, be sure it doesn't get knocked off the table. Otherwise it will become an instant molotov cocktail!<br /> But, other than the danger involved, it's a very interesting lamp. I think it might even qualify as art. Good work.<br />
&nbsp;Dont worry! I'll take care n.n'<br /> <br /> anyway, for better safety, you could glue the bub to the base, add some weight to it, make it bigger... any of those would work, i guess.<br /> <br /> <br /> thanks for the compliment!<br />
It's lit....Gets bumped, rolls off table, breaks on floor. Big fire. Otherwise I like it.<br /> Please be careful. I have an alcohol lamp and know it can be dangerous if not taken seriously.<br /> <br />

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