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After seeing this forum post I was dumb-founded that, Brooklyn Industrial Designer Sergio Silva, was selling these pairs of Light Bulb Lamps for $650!! So, with my creative senses tingling, I went scavenging around the house for what would become a much cheaper rendition of Sergio Silva's own, Oyule Lamp Set.

Step 1: Supplies

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So, you want to beat the system and not pay $650 for a set of Light Bulb Lamps? Sounds good, you'll need:

  • a clean light bulb
  • a shoe lace (cotton)
  • a metal bottle cap
  • a rather large washer/spacer
  • two little magnets


  • drill/punch
  • drill bit a little smaller than your shoe lace
  • tape
  • lamp oil
  • preferably sand, its more abrasive...
  • water
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What kind of oil did you use? Some sort of scented Lamp Oil?

Jantho1 year ago
Don't it just figure? The ONE step in the whole process that NEEDS pictures to explain what's going on because it's the most important PART of the process and there's not one to be found anywhere! I NEED to see what the heck it is you're explaining here. I don't think you can get the guts out of a light bulb without breaking the bulb! SHOW us how you DID it!!

I'm working on a very well explained instructable on how to open a light bulb without breaking it, I still have a few things to work on but I'll be able to post it in a couples of days I hope! :-)

Thank you.

Finally done making the instructable on how to open a light bulb without breaking it!

Here's the link to it.


Enjoy! :)

gez.sullivan5 months ago

where did you put the magnets it only mentions them at the end "take off the cap and find where your magnets ran off too" ???????

gisa.stornant9 months ago

I love working with recycles, and I've been cleaning,light bulbs since the late 70's.

Well that is nice i think ima buy one n make a video to youtube on how to make one!

Hi, and thanks for the good tips on opening the bulb. I first went on drilling the light bulb and spoiled a good drill head since the hole in the black glass was so small.
I had few good realizations on how to use the beautiful porceline parts of fuse boxes since they have exactly the same screw thread as the helix of light bulb, and wrote a blog post about it at http://themostwiththeleast.blogspot.com/

Im not sure is this global phenomena, but would like to know if someone can check it out!
That one is so cool! How did you do it?
I made a blog post about making it at http://themostwiththeleast.blogspot.com/
It does not have every single detail, but enough information to make one. :)
poofrabbit3 years ago
This is so cool! Well done!
martyh5 years ago
Beautiful instructable, I had so much fun making it. Thankyou. I used a hinged cap from one of my housemates fancy beers so you can refill the bulb stylishly. So stoked how well it fitted. I made this as a present for a friend who was trying to live without electricity for a week, good luck buddy.
martyh martyh5 years ago
Forgot to add image
2009-09-14 19.23.09.jpg
Wow. that is amazing.
martyh, Seriously make an instructable tellin' us how you did yours!!! I's so cool... Do I see a wine cork?
This looks epic. Any chance you could explain how you attacked the hinged cap to the bulb. I'd love to make this as a Christmas present for my dad.
bumpus (author)  martyh5 years ago
That looks excellent! :D
I made mine a while back. I have a couple more on the workbench under construction. I found a wick holder at the hobby shop (shown here) but had to turn it down a little bit to get it to work. I love these!
TSC3 years ago
Very cool Idea!
Where can you get two little magnets?
Ebay - cheap as chips and can buy loads.
abstracted3 years ago
very cool...i have made two so far...maybe more n see if i can get 30+ dollars each at the market for them. i would use parafin based lamp oil...its supposedly nonflamable? if these are dropped using kerosene based oil instant fire bomb.
cook$5 years ago
I'm struggling to find a bottle cap that will fit the threads on my lamp. I'm in the UK by the way, I don't know if USA lamp threads are different or even if you are in the USA.

So basically, can anyone in the UK suggest a bottle cap that would fit?

Wow, this is really late reply but i hope it helps. Head to you rlocal store hobby craft or hardware, and buy a socket for the bulb. Simply remove the metal socket out of the base and this makes for a perfect cap.
pedla5 years ago
Try citronella oil not only is it perfect for lamps but mosquitos hate it. Most camping shops should sell it.
I am having trouble finding a screw on metal cap that fits the thread of the bulb. Is it a perfect fit - or is the cap bigger and just sits over the end of the bulb? It might be because I am in Australia - perhaps the bulb threads are different where you are?
i used a beer cap
bumpus (author)  Hamish1212127 years ago
I used a Jones Soda bottle cap, it threads on completely flush with the threads on the bulb, you should be able to get some Jones' in Australia, I'm not sure though..
Everyone has an old lamp socket in their junk drawer, right?  That would make it easy to fabricate a cap.  Great lamp!  I never knew the frosting could be taken out.  I might epoxy the magnet and washer to a wider base, though.
sindaear5 years ago
You can actually buy light bulb shaped jars at craft stores.  I know this is about using a bulb for something it wasn't originally intended, but the jars have much stronger walls and they are made to sit upright without the need of a washer.  All you would need to do is drill the hole for the wick in the cover of the jar (which looks like the metal threads).
 the point of the washer-magnet assembly is to not only have it sit upright, but also you can have it sit at an angle, i believe its in a pic in step 1
Arbitror6 years ago
EEEK! Don't put glass in between 2 magnets! I did it once, and learned the hard way... shattered glass all over the floor...
Obviously don't use rare earth magnets, the weak crap that's used in fridge magnets won't do anything to the glass.
You just have to be careful not to let it jump from your fingers...
Nice ible though! =)
What fuel is better: Paraffin Oil (aka. Kero), Metho/Alcohol or Oil. What do they smell like, how flammable are they, if it spills out of a light bulb and brakes what one would do more damage? All those kinds of things I want to know Thanks
If you can find some Lemon Essence, they can get to be around 85% alcohol, it will burn decently, and smell like lemons too. :D
Try going to a shop that sells oil lamps, and get some of the nice oil they sell. It burns generally cleaner and nicer. You can buy a bit of nice wick, too, rather than burning a shoelace.
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