Step 5: Finishing

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Go ahead and find your lamp oil. Before pouring the oil, put the other magnet into the bulb, and set on the base. Carefully pour about 2-3 teaspoons of lamp oil into the bulb. Find your cap, complete with shoe lace wick, and screw the cap on to the light bulb. You may need to roll the liquid around a bit to get the wick a little damp. There should only be no more than 1/2 of an inch of wick poking out the top of the cap. Grab your lighter, and light it up!!

(save your breath, you need to smother the flame in order to extinguish the flame)


What kind of oil did you use? Some sort of scented Lamp Oil?

I am having trouble finding a screw on metal cap that fits the thread of the bulb. Is it a perfect fit - or is the cap bigger and just sits over the end of the bulb? It might be because I am in Australia - perhaps the bulb threads are different where you are?
bumpus (author)  Hamish1212127 years ago
I used a Jones Soda bottle cap, it threads on completely flush with the threads on the bulb, you should be able to get some Jones' in Australia, I'm not sure though..
Everyone has an old lamp socket in their junk drawer, right?  That would make it easy to fabricate a cap.  Great lamp!  I never knew the frosting could be taken out.  I might epoxy the magnet and washer to a wider base, though.
sindaear5 years ago
You can actually buy light bulb shaped jars at craft stores.  I know this is about using a bulb for something it wasn't originally intended, but the jars have much stronger walls and they are made to sit upright without the need of a washer.  All you would need to do is drill the hole for the wick in the cover of the jar (which looks like the metal threads).
 the point of the washer-magnet assembly is to not only have it sit upright, but also you can have it sit at an angle, i believe its in a pic in step 1
panni5 years ago
thankss!! it was a worderful idea!!!
Manav.Vanam6 years ago
Have made many flower vases from fused bulbs but never a lamp; the use of magnets was very innovative. Thanks.
mstark776 years ago
Very nice. Like the wine bottle lamps I've seen, but this one is more interesting. My favorite part is the clever use of magnets. Thanks for sharing.
kitwah6 years ago
Great instructable, looking forward to a bulb blowing at home!
bumpus (author)  kitwah6 years ago
Thanks! :D
I suggest not using a shoe lace because it is most likely made out of polyester ( or other plastic like materials..I think).. My point is use a cotton string would smell better, and not poisonous..
bumpus (author)  CrispyShadow6 years ago
Indeed it would. The shoelace I used was cotton, so it works out pretty good. :-)
sumrandom16 years ago
amazingly simple yet so complicated, very cool, now i know what to give to the people in the office that will draw me for secret Santa, your ingenious $650 Jones soda lamp, thanks im gonna make one this weekend, or 4 who knows
sheeply6 years ago
Awesome Instructable! Will definitely try this at some point =)
bumpus (author)  sheeply6 years ago
vasilena6 years ago
this is beautiful! will definitely try it right away!
bumpus (author)  vasilena6 years ago
Glad you like it!
Digitarius7 years ago
I really dig this idea, but it scares the heck out of me. What happens if this guy gets broken while lit? Dropped or knocked over? Eee... Beautiful, but be careful
in holland they have beer bottles with twist off caps, and I bet you can get those in other countries too If I'm right it's heiniken
bumpus (author)  damasta7 years ago

hooray Heineken=