I was looking around, after I saw a tutorial on how to hollow out a lightbulb, specifically this one: http://www.teamdroid.com/diy-hollow-out-a-light-bulb/

In the comments section of that article, some one mentioned that electric tape and a lid would provide a water tight seal and this idea hit me.

With all the terrariums and plant growing bulbs on here, let's do something different.

Step 1: Materials

So this is the Materials list:
-Light Bulb (The bulb I used was the frosted looking 60 Watt one from GE.)
-Coke Lid (In my case, I had to use one from a 2-Liter bottle. The 20oz ones were too wide to fit)
-Electrical Tape

Tools needed:
-Wire Cutters
-Small Screwdriver
-Candle or other flame
- (optional) Round File
- (optional) Coat Hanger
I love to do light bulb projects....sadly i find removing the solder part very difficult and ...finally impossible...i tried soo hard...even tried drilling...it wasn't working!... finally gave up!..i guess from where i come..they made bulbs impossible to break in to! :-(
I liked this idea and made one of my own. Salt and pepper shakers. <br>
<a href="https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=735538&id=100000070085294#!/photo.php?fbid=190243940987941&set=a.190243884321280.48440.100000070085294">https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=735538&amp;id=100000070085294#!/photo.php?fbid=190243940987941&amp;set=a.190243884321280.48440.100000070085294</a>
I'm really liking your stand for that. Is that a couple of PVC caps?
https://www.instructables.com/id/Lightbulb-Salt-and-pepper-shakers/ <br> <br>I just did a slideshow, I linked to your instructable as to where I got the idea. <br>Actually those are light sockets, cost about $1.50 a piece, I bolted them to the stand and added the wire for looks.
Mind linking me a picture of where you got your button caps? All I find with a cursory google search is &quot;button cap&quot; screws.
&nbsp;&nbsp; They are actually called plug buttons. I had a time trying to find these, as I knew what I wanted but no one sold them. I finally found these at Advance Auto Parts in the help section.<br> &nbsp; On the metal screw part of the bulb, (in the hole where you remove the black glass) you will have to take your needle nose pliers and pull that little flange toward the center of the hole to make the black caps fit. and you may have to widen the hole for the metal caps that come in that pack.<br> &nbsp; Maybe you can find them elsewhere now that you have a visual of them.

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