Step 12: Add to it

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Put in about 2 or so inches of AGED aquarium gravel. The gravel doesnt have to be aged, but it will aid in biological filtration, due to the beneficial bacteria that grows in the substrate. Then fill it to within 1/2" with water treated with chlorine/chloramine neutralizer. Then you can add 1-3 ,depending on their size, ghost shrimp to the tank. You can feed them a SMALL pinch of very crushed fine fish flake, once every three days. Due to the extremely small bioload that ghost shrimp contribute to in their habitat, water changes do not need to be frequent, about once every two weeks to keep the ammonia at bay. Use a dropper every couple days to vaccume up all of the uneaten food at the bottom. And There you have it!

P.S.: DO NOT even think about putting a betta in this light bulb!
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I've been really interested in making vases/aquariums/terrariums out of bulbs lately. Apparently it looks like fish and/or possibly shrimp are a bad idea as far as living animals go. Does anyone know about, or oppose, tiny aquatic snails for such a habitat?
I thought they might enjoy cleaning the inside glass and or rocks of the globe, under the stem of a bit of Pothos plant.
But I don't actually know much at all about keeping aquatic plants or animals. I'm not sure what these 'aged' rocks are that were suggested either. I'd love a little lesson or more info on any of this if you all would oblige. Personal e-mail message would be great too, even. Since I'm new here, and I don't know if I can subscribe to these comments for email notifications in case of replies.
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can I put a small guppy in one?
wonton7 years ago
i have had a gold fish 4 like 8 years and it has been in a 10 gallon tank. it has no problems
Sgt.Waffles (author) 8 years ago
Bettas are NOT happy in cups at the store, so why would they be happy in an equally small (yet much more asthetically pleasing) space? Bettas Can survive, but not for long. If you put a betta in the bulb, and your tank wasnt cycled, you would have to do 2+ 100 percent water changes per day.

To get your ghost shrimp, check walmart, petco, petsmart, and any local fish/pet stores in your area. The are about a quarter a peice.