Step 6: Cleaning

Picture of Cleaning
Take your lightbulb to the bathroom to clean it out. There is a dust in the bulb that coats the inside. To the best of my knowledge,it is non-toxic, but probobly isnt the best thing for your lungs. Fill it halfway with water, cover the stem with your thumb, give a couple good shakes, and rinse. There may be some stubborn bits that "wont come off", but you can get those easily with an old toothbrush.
Concerning the coloring dust;If you don't have an old toothbrush, or want to make it easier on yourself, get some salt (about half to a whole teaspoon, put it inside the bulb, cover up the end with a paper towel or the like, shake, then add water, then shake again, and most, if not all except around where the thread mount is connected, should come off.
Umm I know this is kinda obvious, but how about just use a clear lightbulb?
zernie5 years ago
master lurtz is right.

If you can get hold of a tiny amount of concentrated nitric acid, it works wonders on removing just about any encrusted crud from glass and ceramic. I used to use it to clean lab glassware with stubborn burnt on bits.

WARNING You don't need much. But it is extremely corrosive. Not the stuff to get on your skin or god forbid in your eyes.
kiffer3606 years ago
I am trying this with a much larger bulb, but for some reason, the white powder is well attached to the inside of the glass. I can get it out, but that requires using a toothbrush to dislodge the dust, and the bulb is so large that the toothbrush will not reach the inside curve. I have done this before with a smaller, more normal bulb, and it worked fine. Salt, water, dish washing detergent, and airsoft bb's have all been used by me in an attempt to remove the powder, and nothing works. does anyone have any suggestions?

put salt in the water

sidnraleigh7 years ago
You can facilitate light bulb cleaning with salt. Simply fill the bulb with a tablespoon or so of table salt, then vigorously shake (with your thumb over the opening). The salt acts as a natural abrasive and removes the white coating. The rinsing it out is much easier.