Picture of Light Bulb Vase
This is a Light Bulb vase with a wooden stand.This is not easy to make.  It takes dangerous power equipment . Materials needed:
 wood board (i used white pine), brass rod for legs(you can use any kind of metal), cheap light bulb ( it can be a dead bulb).
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Step 1: Tools Needed

Picture of Tools Needed
Tools not in picture: skill saw, hack saw, and a sander bit for drill and dremel.

Step 2: Drawing Template

Here you draft and design your base and clamp your board also you will be cuting it out wth a skill saw, holes saw and, jig saw (make sure the clamps are on there tight. You will be using your skill saw here) 

Step 6: Gluing The legs

In this step you will be gluing the legs and the part that holds the bulb. Mix the epoxy in a little cup and use a stick to rub the glue on the rods.(best way to put the legs on is to bend one side and push it through the wood and bend the other side)
shazni1 year ago
Very nice indeed :-)