Picture of Light Bulbs Candle Holders
Want to re use those shot light bulbs rather than throw them away. Why not make them into a Halloween decoration.

You will need:
an old light bulb
a candle stick
a screwdriver
coarse sandpaper
A saw
WARNING: This Instructable involves breaking glass and sharp metal, therefore I would advise protective gloves and goggles to be worn during the first couple of steps. Make sure you have a responsible adult with you if you are under 18.
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Step 1: The Light Bulb

Picture of The Light Bulb

To remove the bottom metal area of the light bulb is very tricky. Cut the top of the metal off ( approx. 3 rings down) as this should be just before the empty space stops. When that has been removed you will need to carefully cut the rest of the metal away by prising it away from the metal on the inside. The metal can be very sharp so be careful, please

Step 2: Breaking the Glass

Picture of Breaking the Glass
CAUTION: Protective GLOVES and GOGGLES to be warn.

Use a screwdriver to gently break the fill tube and remove the filament. Now break around the top of the glass until there is enough space for your candle stick to fit into the bulb. Again please be careful and pick up any glass that breaks.

Step 3: Sanding


Now take the sandpaper and gently sand around the sharp edges of the bulb ( this can be time consuming). You want a smooth edge not a pristine finish. It's okay if the glass is broken further down at one point than another. Once it is smooth make sure that all the glass is gotten rid as it is dangerous. Now wash pour some water in the bulb to wash it out. Then wait for it to dry.
ysmith33 years ago
Looks nice.Thank you. You may also be interesting to visit :http://www.keengardeners.co.uk
Jally9 (author) 3 years ago
Thank you Killbox, Safety first :)
killbox3 years ago
Getting wet/dry sandpaper and sanding it inside a dishtub is a good way to go, less liekly to shatter, gets you a better edge, and is less likely to make airborne glass dust, which is not good for you!