Introduction: Light Controlled Servo Using LinkitONE

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Here i'll show you how you can control your servo motor using light!

More light, more the speed of servo motor

Step 1: Parts

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You will need-

1 x LDR

1 x LinkitONE

1 x Mini Servo

Step 2: Attach Servo Motor

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Now we will build the servo motor. After that we will attach it.

We will using PIN 9 to attach the servo.

Step 3: Connect Light Sensor

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Connect your LDR. Connect it into A0 pin and ground pin one.

Step 4: Connect USB

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Now connect your USB cable with laptop and board so we can power the board.

Step 5: Write Code

Burn this code to your board.


Servo myservo;

int val;

void setup() { myservo.attach(9);


void loop() {

val = analogRead(A0);

val = map(val, 0, 1023, 0, 179);




Step 6: Test the Servo

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Now test your servo!

more light, more speed!


chuqingsheng (author)2017-10-03

My SG90 doesn't work correctly with LinkIt ONE. Why?


What volt is your servo. My tower pro SG90 servo not run correctly in mediatek board.

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