I have already been working on similar projects, this one really is the next step of an earlier project. See:

And before we get started, we should have a demonstration of the finished effect (the video is when the bike wasn't yet covered).


I have seen many different attempts to “pimp the ride” by decorating a bicycle with LEDs. Some are better than others. I hope mine falls in on the right side of the scale.

Important considerations:
-Programmable: this is based on an Arduino and the WS2118 Chipset. There are an endless number of possibilities that can be implemented.
-Water RESISTANT: The LEDs are covered providing a certain level of weather protection.
-Discrete: The same covering hides a lot of what is going on and from a distance, the bike looks to be unmodified.
-Expandable: Adding sensors (eg: accelerometers, Bluetooth, hall effect sensor) allow to expand the capabilities.

Step 1: Costs

Before we begin I would like to break down some of the principal costs.

The donor bike was a $30 road bike I bought for the wheelset for my girlfriends bike.

The LED strip came from Alibaba which offered a 4m strip for around $40

The Arduino clone was $11 from China on Ebay.

Covering material $17 from eBay

The saddle bag also came from eBay for $2.50

Double sided tape was around $5

All up around $120 bucks or so.
<p>Great tutorial, thank you for posting! Can't wait to try this. Would you mind sending a link to the switch you used in the video in part 6: programming? There's so many different rotary dip switches online and and they all seem to have a different number of rotary settings and look nothing like the one you used.</p>
we did the programmable rgb LED bike thing this or a show earlier this year....almost identical in fact... <br> <br>weird
<p>good for you!</p><p>Do you want to link it in??</p>
<p>better Option to get</p>
Great project, I am going to build one. I like the accelerometer idea for braking. Do you know of any sources?
<p>I have bought accelerometer breakouts from Adafruit and Sparkfun.</p><p><a href="https://www.adafruit.com/products/163" rel="nofollow">https://www.adafruit.com/products/163</a></p>
You said you soldered on a 4xAAA battery pack. Can you explain how you did that? I love this idea btw! trying to do this to my party bike!!
This seems really cool! Your videos are set to private :(
I fixed it :D

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