Introduction: Light Following Robot

this light follower is first of five part robot series. i will start with simple to less complicated

Step 1: Parts List

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1. transistors bc 547 = 2

2. variable resistor 10k =2

3. light dependent resistor =2

4.printed circuit board

5. battery i used 3.7 volt

6. diy robot chassis

Step 2:

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take a pcb and fix all components according to circuit

Step 3:

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here is the circuit diagram

Step 4:

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solder them carefully

Step 5:

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this is the circuit (without sensors)

Step 6:

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Add ldrs to both channels

Step 7:

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Time to use our diy robot chassis.add that circuit on it.

Step 8:

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Thats it have fun with it.

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