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My Grand father owned a resturant, and my father learned all the recipe. One of my favorite is his Alfredo, I altered it with my own techniques and made it even tastier.

Wait no longer my pasta loving friends- this is a fast, easy and delicious pasta recipe!

{but don't tell any one, its a family secret }


Step 1: Ingdients

Before we start I will warn you-you must make each plate separte, ok

~ 4oz Cream
~ 4oz milk
~ Pasta {how ever much you'll eat-1 person}
~ 1 egg yolk {per plate}
~ Grated cheese - Parmesan
~ Salt and pepper {to taste}

~ medium-sized Pot
~ Frying pan
~ Strainer
~ Plate {for final result}

Step 2: Pasta

Picture of Pasta

Boil water in the pot, add a touch of oil and salt

Add the pasta once the water is boiling with large bubbles

let it boil {with out a lid} till you can bite through a piece easily {15 minuets or so}

Strain the pasta and  put it back in the pot, till needed

Step 3: Sauce

Picture of Sauce

Put the cream and milk in a pan on medium. Once a large bubble forms, add salt and pepper and stir.

add pasta and egg yolk and stir.

add grated cheese

Step 4: Finaly

Picture of Finaly

Transfer to a plate

Add more cheese, salt and pepper to taste / herbs also make a nice addition {a pinch of cilantro or mint or thyme}

Voila! A delisious, home-made, fresh and light Alfredo pasta

I hope you enjoy it, and don't worry it will {probaly} go ok. I got it right my first time!


skarnd (author)2015-09-22

hi! what brand or type of cream did you use? is it all purpose cream or a different type of cream? please let me know. Thanks

lavender 461 (author)2015-06-24

cool i had some today

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2012-03-26

So delicious looking!

Zephyra Dragonborn (author)2012-03-25

Thank you, I had some to day

BTW, you did really well on the photo, i think the photo is the one of the most important parts :)

AussieAnglerGal (author)2012-03-25

looks good!

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