Introduction: Light Jacket

Let's make a light jacket!



Step 1: You Will Need

Picture of You Will Need

1. Soldering Iron x1

2. Soldering Sponge or Wet Rag x1

3. Solder Wires

4. 12V LiPo Battery x1

5. LiPo Connector with Wires x1

6. Red and Black Wires

7. Switch x1

8. 12V LED Strip Lights

9. Jacket x1

10. Tape x1

Step 2: Weld the Switch

Picture of Weld the Switch

1. Weld the red wire (+) to the switch lug and weld another red wire to connect the light.

2. Weld the black wire (-) to make it longer.

Step 3: Wrap the Tape

Picture of Wrap the Tape

1. Make sure the black wire and red wire are Insulated, or it may cause short circuit.

Step 4: Weld the LED Strip Lights

Picture of Weld the LED Strip Lights

1. Weld the red wire to the LED positive contact point and black wire to the LED negative contact point.

Step 5: Tape the Contact Points

Picture of Tape the Contact Points

1. Tape the contact points.

This step is to make sure the wires and the contact points won’t separate easily.

Step 6: Try to Turn on the LED

Picture of Try to Turn on the LED

1. Try to turn on the LED.

Make sure the system is working.

Step 7: ​Paste Strip Light to the Jacket

Picture of ​Paste Strip Light to the Jacket

1. There are sticky tapes on the back side of LED strip, so it is easy to paste the LED strip.

You can paste the strip in any shape, it depends on the function you want.

Step 8: Finish

Picture of Finish

Let's try it!

There are many funny applications waiting you to find out!


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