Light K'nex Assualt Rifle

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Introduction: Light K'nex Assualt Rifle

Before i start to get complnts this gun is ment to be a block triger and be very simple it is just to help less exsperienced k'nex builders bridge the gap from pistole to rifle.

This is a very simple rifle i would recermend it as a first build or if you have very little parts.

Step 1: Handle

This is very simple just look at the pictures.

Step 2: Barrel and Hopper

This is the only hard bit but the pictures will explain.

1- Side
2- Back
3- FrontBottom
4- BottomTop
5- Top

Step 3: MIddle Bit

this bit is hard to see from the picture. ask if you can't see.

Step 4: Grenade Launcher (optional)

just look at the pictures.

Step 5: Conecting It All

Add each section by following the pictures.

1- Adding handle
2- Main to barrel 1
3- Main to barrel 2
4- Main to barrel 3
5- Top clips
6- Adding grenade launcher

Step 6: Ammo

The normal blue rods are for the hopper the one with the green bit is for the grenade launcher.

Thank you for builging my instructable.



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    Sorry man, but this is ugly. It's very flimsy and it's a block trigger (it's all right in a knex war) but NOT to post. Try to make it TRUE trigger, also don't rifles have stocks? It looks more like a shotgun. And yes I did read the description about all the "This gun is ment to be block trigger" but still. Also use the spell check.


    bad. i don't really care it is a block trigger but it is way to simple! it looks flimsy and is not exactly a rifle. sorry.

    Not all simple guns are bad.

    Did I say all simple guns are bad?

    It could have sounded some what like you did. Sorry.

    it is not that flimsy but it is very low on parts.

    yes, but it is low on parts to the point that the gun is suffering.

    i will upgrade the strenth once i have finished my missile luancher.