Light Painting, Light Writing or Light Graffiti is so much fun!
Seriously addicting!

Step 1: Gather Supplies!

To start, you'll need:
SLR camera  (35 mm Film or digital)
a tripod (or other steady surface)
flashlights, laser pens, glow sticks, sparklers, candles, lighters...anything that lights up!
and the dark.

And you might want some little assistants!
Thanks for the directions can't wait to cook up something creative
<p>hello. i love ur idea however when i change my canon t3i to the setting you said it just dosnt take a picture. i think because it can tell theres no light in the surrounding it refuses to take a picture i cant change my f-stop in tv mode and i set it to 30'' and the iso is 100. help !!!</p>
<p>i just noticed it has to be on manual focus not auto. =p </p>
<p>good :)</p>
Very cool! LOVE IT!!!

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