Step 3: The Control Panel - Mounting Components

First thing you will need to do is make the layout of the control panel. I recommend planning the layout on the computer or on a sheet of paper before you mark the box, but it is up to you. Plan where you want the switches, LED indicators, headphone jacks, or other outside components. Place the components on the panel in their approximate location and check to see of that is where you want them.

Now, you can mark where you will be putting everything on the box (you will most likely want to do this in pencil lightly so you can erase leftover marks later).  

Now, select a drill bit that is slightly larger than the jigsaw blade but smaller than the soon to be hole. Drill on the outside edge of the soon to be hole. Repeat for all switch locations, LED locations, etc. 

Next, take the jigsaw, and starting on the outside edge of the hole, cut on top of the lines you drew. You will have to maneuver the blade around for the first part to get everything complete. 

TIP: If you use melamine or other laminated wood, use a metal blade to cut to reduce surface chipping. Cut slowly and carefully. The chips that do appear can be lightly filled in with matching paint. 

Once you have cut out all of the component locations, check to make sure the components fit into their spot and glue them into place.

TIP: If you cut the hole too big for any of the components, just fill in the extra space with hot glue and paint over it later. 

Once all components are glue into place and fit properly, you can begin wiring.

<p>None of your videos workkkkk</p>
would a variable resistor work instead of a capacitor to vary the speed of the strobe?
Nope. The capacitor stores enough energy to trigger the contactor, so the larger the capacitor, the longer it takes, and smaller the less time it takes. A resistor wouldn't do anything.
thanks for clearing that up i might still give it a try!
The video is private.
Sorry about that, it's open now.

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