video Light Swirl Photoshop effect
How to make a cool light swirl effect in photoshop to wrap around any person or object..
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How to use the Pen tool:
What program do you use to record your voice and desktop? I want to start making videos like these. 
amakerguy (author)  YellowZealot5 years ago
I use Camtasia Studio.. I paid for it, but you could search youtube because there are lots of hacks to get it for free.
nfamouswun5 years ago
 nice tutorial, but word of advice, dont use the erase tool. get addicted to layer masks
amakerguy (author)  nfamouswun5 years ago
 yeah, lol I noticed that after I recorded the video.. I'm working on getting in the habit of doing that
 Thank you for showing me how to do this!