This is a project developed during our ”Taller de inventos” (August Build Night), sponsored by Instructables and Jameco. You can read more about the event over here.

Here we’ll show you how to make a light theremin that has a

Here's a video of the theremin


1x Wazzabi Punk PCB
1x Red LED
2x 555 Timer IC
1x On/off Switch
1x 9v Battery
1x 9v Battery Snap
8x Short cables
6x Long cables
1x DVD case
3x Strong magnets (recycled from garbage, don’t know what they were for)

1x 330 ohm
1x 1 kohm
1x LDR
1x two axis joystick potentiometer (recycled from a broken USB Gamepad)
1x A50K Potentiometer

10 nF
103 ceramic
104 ceramic
473 ceramic

At the bottom you will find the Fritzing file with the schematics and PCB of the circuit we used.

Step 1: Making the PCB

The first step of this instructable is printing the PCB. You'll find attached the necessary PDFs.

Since this task excedes our instructable, feel free to follow these instructables instead:
- How to make the PCB board (available in Spanish)
- PCB making guide

We suggest you mark where every component goes with a sharpie marker on the rear side of the PCB.
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