Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Your materials list is really quite short. You will need the following parts...
Please note that the quantity of each part is in the [ ].

-555 Timer IC [1]
-100uf Electrolytic Capacitor [1]
-1.0uf Disk Capacitor (Marked "104") [2]
-Photo Resistors [4]
-1K Resistor (colours: Brown, Black, Red, Gold) [1]
-a Switch [1]
-9v battery [1]
-A speaker [1]
-A IC proto board to keep it all nice and tidy [1]
-Some machine screws and nuts to hold down the board (optional)
where can we get all the materials?
TXTCLA55 (author)  raisin_brain7475 years ago
You can get most of the materials from radio shack or the source as it has come to be known. Or you can get the components from online sellers like solarbotics.com thats probably the cheaper option, however if you still cant find some of the components just rip open a old radio and your more than likely to find what you need sooner or later. Hope this helps you in your project(s) let me know if you are still having trouble location the components.
MottGia15 years ago
Hey, you said we needed 2 "0.1uf Disk Cpacitor" but on both the next images you say we need 1.0uf capacitors, which ones do we really need then?
TXTCLA55 (author)  MottGia15 years ago
Opps my mistake. Its a 1.0uf capacitor. they should have a "104" marked on the side. Sorry for the confusion, its corrected now.
Thank you
luudvig5 years ago
Does it matter how many volts the capacitor is on?
TXTCLA55 (author)  luudvig5 years ago
yes, in this circuit it does. Capacitors are essentially store houses, imagine it slowly filling up and then all at once emptying out. This is how capacitors work, they slowly build up electricity then all at once, lets it all go. They are normally used to stabilize the current in a circuit. In short you should probably use the ones I did or find something really close to it. Hope this helps!