Step 4: Light Up the LEDs

Straddle two LEDs around your battery matching the + and - of the LEDs to the + and - of the battery. With the + side facing down, gently bend the LEDs upward at a 25 degree angle, making sure the + and - wires of the LED do not touch.
Tape the LEDs into place by putting tape on both sides of the battery and lights. Make sure the tape covers the edges of the battery and trim the edges.

If you want, you can try the LED battery box instead, but remember you need TWO LEDs https://www.instructables.com/id/Tealed-Led-Battery-Box-not-glue-nor-solder/

These are very cool and I love how easy it is to make them! I'm guessing this is directed at people with less electronics experience. However I'm wondering how long are these going to last before the batteries die?
Its so simple yet it looks so good.<br /> Maybe you could try&nbsp;putting some aluminum foil pieces and wax paper into the saran wrap as your winding it. Might look better, might look worse, just a thought.
Interesting idea. I also like the idea of covering it with sparkles, but only on the inside. If you completely cover the exterior it won't light up as well. <br /> <br /> Another note: this bow can be put over any LED light, so if you have something, say a wreath or tree with lights, you can easily fit this over the lights you are using. <br />

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