Light Up Cat Decor





Introduction: Light Up Cat Decor

To start this project you will need:

Laser Cutter

Wood of your choice

Candle/Holiday lights

Step 1: Designing Your Box

You can choose any picture you would like. I chose a cat.

Go to Google and type in a picture of your choice and save it to your computer.

Go to Inventor, make a part, click sketch, Insert, then insert your picture into your part.


Step 2: Finishing Your Design

Once you're done tracing your design on inventor, cut it out on the laser. Make sure that all of your lines are correct because starting your part over because of one incorrect line would not be fun. I only cut out two cats for the walls but if you want to do 3 or 4 for a nicer look, you can. Don't forget to cut out the top and bottom of your box.

Step 3: Putting It All Together

Once you have all of your walls and the base you can put it all together. You can either use wood glue or you can nail it together depending on your wood choice.

Step 4: Final

Once your box is put together, you can throw a candle, or decorative lights in it to make it glow.



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could be more descriptive project does not mess very well