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It can be Christmas all year long with these adorable light-up Christmas tree costumes.  With almost no electronics or sewing experience, and a little curiosity and patience, this is a costume that can be done in an afternoon or weekend.  The electronic component requires a handful of 10mm LEDs, some stranded wire, a AA battery pack, and soldering iron.  The crafting component uses a few yards of green felt, a sewing machine (if handy), hot glue gun, and some decorative elements to "spruce" up your finished tree. 

As a bonus, these light up Christmas tree costumes have the built-in nighttime safety feature of actually lighting up!  So trick-or-treating can go extra late this year.

Step 1: Create Base

Picture of Create Base
I created a dress shape based on the girls' height and sizes, using a t-shirt to trace for the collar and arm holes.  Since I was tracing onto old newspaper which wasn't as wide as I wanted, I added a few inches to the width of the hem on each side when I traced it onto the green felt. 

I cut two full dresses for both costumes.  Since there were to be a whole mess of wires winding about inside of the costumes, I wanted an extra layer to protect the girls from the wires and the wires from the girls. 

Next I sewed together the inner dresses, leaving one shoulder open so they could get them over their heads. 

For the outer dresses that would need to be wired, I sewed together one side seam only.

kmabbott1 year ago
Where did you find the lights?
cool!! <3
flyingpuppy2 years ago
Hey, Schooch--this is cool. Will you make a "Girl on Fire" (Hunger Games) dress next year?
scoochmaroo (author)  flyingpuppy2 years ago
That's an awesome idea! I wish you'd talked to me two weeks ago :D
I'd love to see that you'd make the best Katniss
It'll be more timely next year anyway AFTER the movie comes out. : )
OMG!! best idea ever!!
Christmas,Halloween mix very original! nice work scooch
Lindie2 years ago
Very nice! And the girls are adorable!
rrkrose2 years ago
Those kids are adorable!
PitStoP2 years ago
Pretty CoOL! Just one thing you forgot! The Christmas gifts... =)
I love it! They're adorable!