Step 3: Wiring the LEDS

I used stranded wire to connect each of the lines of LEDs to each other.  I left enough slack in each of the wires to not cause tension on them, and soldered them to the LED leads. 

Once each of the paths was soldered together, I sewed together the remaining side seam and one shoulder seam, leaving the other open.  Then I completed the circuits by wiring the LEDs across the seam and finally to a AA battery pack near the hem.  (remember, long legs = +, short legs = -)

After soldering, I clipped the ends of the leads and covered them with dots of hot glue, both to secure the connections and protect the girls from any sharp edges. 

Where did you find the lights?
cool!! <3
Hey, Schooch--this is cool. Will you make a "Girl on Fire" (Hunger Games) dress next year?
That's an awesome idea! I wish you'd talked to me two weeks ago :D
I'd love to see that you'd make the best Katniss
It'll be more timely next year anyway AFTER the movie comes out. : )
OMG!! best idea ever!!
Christmas,Halloween mix very original! nice work scooch
Very nice! And the girls are adorable!
Those kids are adorable!
Pretty CoOL! Just one thing you forgot! The Christmas gifts... =)
I love it! They're adorable!

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