Step 6: Turn me on

Picture of Turn me on
The only thing left is to connect all the wires, turn it on, and hope it works!

Oh yeah, and dance.

numbuh1324 years ago
If you were to create one of these to sell to someone, how much would you charge?
FrozenIce4 years ago
1of35 years ago
That is excellent work. Did you ever post the video for this anywhere?.
scoochmaroo (author)  1of35 years ago
You know, I did, and I linked it here, and a lot of people didn't like it because it was shaky and a little weird and I think someone took the video from their phone (I wasn't at the event to take the vid). When I get back into town, I can post it on my personal YouTube page and provide a link if you're interested.
Yes please. I would love to see the video. I used EL wire about 10 years ago around the dashboard in my car and never thought of putting it on clothing.
werto875 years ago
this is the coolest costume i have ever seen!
but where's the video? I want to see you dance and hear the music, girl! :>
scoochmaroo (author)  LilyStarkWhite5 years ago
I've got it, but I'm having trouble with the formatting!

Plus, it's the DJ wearing the costume at the convention he was working- not me.  Sorry!  I don't think I ever even tried it on!
elmarco385 years ago

I once did the same thing using tricolor glow neclaces you can get from orientaltrading.com. it was a great halloween costume the only downside being it only lasted about 6 hrs. your approach is much better.