Step 6: Turn Me On

The only thing left is to connect all the wires, turn it on, and hope it works!

Oh yeah, and dance.

Whoo! 5* and faved! Amazing, you've outdone yourself you really have.<br />
<p>Thanks for a fantastic tutorial walk though.. About to start a project and was looking for tips and found your Instructable.. Thank You!! </p>
Hello dear, this is very well written, really beautiful, I am an art director and stylist, we have this show coming up and I'd love it if you could kindly give me your contact details so I can get in touch? Thank youu
<p>Hi! I no longer have this costume, but if you're interested in creating a new one, you can PM me. </p><p>Best!</p>
Hi! I'm wondering if I could use this tutorial to make a dance costume for myself - will it be okay to use a costume made from this instructions for a full out dance competition or is it just for things like slow-move homecoming parties?
<p>Now you can make a light show steeper controlled ipad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8c6u_P4lUM</p>
what does &quot;tron&quot; mean?
<p>Uww Tron mode. I want to try.</p>
TRace ON (now I'm showing my age)
Tron is an movie from the 80's they're re-making it too!&nbsp;:D<br /> <br /> <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1IpPpB3iWI&amp;feature=related" rel="nofollow">www.youtube.com/watch</a>&nbsp;&lt;New trailer<br />
<div>Oh :0) thanks for teling me. I had my kids in the '80's and that decade&nbsp;is all a big blur lol ;0)</div> <div style="font-family: lucida console , sans-serif;font-size: 18.0pt;"><br /> &nbsp;</div>
I wasnt even alive in the 80's :p<br />
May I have your contact info willing to pay for one to be made for me
I make this too
Very cool!!
Nice. How much wire did you use for this suit, approximately? How many battery packs and inverters?
What helmet did you use
Where did you get the helmet?
I think its just a regular moto-cross helmet.
Funny, this costume kinda reminds me of Team iLuminate from America's Got Talent!<br> Awesome job, scoochmaroo!<br><br> Win Guy
How many feet of el wire did you get?
i was wondering if you would be able to make me one for my boyfriend he likes the design alot.
what colour top should i put the glow in the dark paint on <br>black or white
please help me scooch because i ordered gow in the dark paint from amazon but i also found el wire. i can't buy the el wire because i already ordered the paint.<br>will the paint do the same job as the el wire<br>:)
Glow paint will give you a different effect and will not be as bright. That said, it's what you have, so go with it!
thanks for the reply
is el wire safe
hey scooch <br>could u use glow in the dark paint<br>:)
scooch- you should see this:<br><br> http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xkbyqo_americas-got-talent-2011-team-iluminate-quarter-finals-performance_shortfilms<br><br>seems someone took this costume one step further.<br><br>I saw their first performance a while back and new I recognized that idea from somewhere, it wasnt until I stumbled upon this instructable again today that it hit me. EL wire costume+microcontroller+music+choreography= one of the coolest performances i have ever seen. <br><br>I think a call to NBC for your cut of the royalties is in order. lol<br><br>As for everyone else, this is a video from America's Got Talent of the dance group Team iLUMINATE performing in the quarterfinals showing what can truly be done with this costume.
omg is there a video of this suit dancing? that is so beautiful! i love anything that lights up. :) now, to learn how to make things light up! :D
a good place to buy el wire is coolneon.com its like a $1.10 a foot
If you were to create one of these to sell to someone, how much would you charge?
This is very impressive! :D<br>Reminds me somewhat of the movie 'TRON'.<br>Very well done! ^^
I know!
could you also use fishing wire to sew with? It would be clear then both in the daylight and dark and extra sturdy...
Absolutely! I don't knot fishing wire well, so it wasn't a great option for me. Really, even thread is invisible from the distance of a few feet.
&quot;You will be deleted!!!&quot;
I was thinking it...
I would suggest a compartment on the back for the battery packs. You could use the same fabric and create a velcro panel to keep them safe.
That is excellent work. Did you ever post the video for this anywhere?.
You know, I did, and I linked it here, and a lot of people didn't like it because it was shaky and a little weird and I think someone took the video from their phone (I wasn't at the event to take the vid). When I get back into town, I can post it on my personal YouTube page and provide a link if you're interested.
Yes please. I would love to see the video. I used EL wire about 10 years ago around the dashboard in my car and never thought of putting it on clothing.
Very cool effect. I have a few questions, as I&nbsp;want to try this, too, and they will help me.<br /> <ul> <li>How tall was the model?</li> <li>How much had the final costume cost?</li> <li>How long did the batteries last?</li> <li>Do you have an exact list of what you used?</li> </ul>
I&nbsp;don't have a list of what I used exactly, as it was 2 years ago.<br /> The model was about 5'10&quot;.&nbsp; They changed the batteries before every performance and swapped those into other devices, just to make sure he was never going on with low power.&nbsp; I&nbsp;charged $2000 for the costume, which included design consult, and sewing expertise, but I couldn't tell you how much materials might cost if you were starting everything from scratch.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> Call <a href="http://thatscoolwire.com/">Andy!</a>&nbsp; He's my go-to man.&nbsp; If you know what you want to make, you call him and he'll make it happen.&nbsp; Talk about a time and money saver.&nbsp; I&nbsp;didn't waste an inch of wire!&nbsp;<a href="http://thatscoolwire.com/"> http://thatscoolwire.com/</a>&nbsp; Tell him Sarah sent you.&nbsp; <br />
Daft Punk paid you $2,000! That's cool. I wish Daft Punk would pay me. :-(<br />
Oh, thanks anyway. :)<br />
&nbsp;Someone may have already asked this, but how much wire did you use?
this is rad!<br />

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