Step 9: Connect the Battery and Sew the Body Pieces Together

Attach the plastic bottle of the fiber optic puff with Velcro dots to the wrong side of the top costume body. Pull the black and red wires of the fiber optic puff through the lining buttonhole. Connect each wire to the wires of AAA battery holder, using the same crimp-on connectors as you did in step 4. Make sure connect black to black and red to red.

With the wrong sides together, add the elastic band to the head piece and edge stitch the top and lining together.  Try it on the dog and sew on your Velcro.

Perfect for a Pomeranian!
in the last step it looks like shes wearing a very sparkly hat! cute, but my dog would never let me put even a hat on her, let alone a costume.(she wont wear boots for the winter either)
muahsuahshaa<br>poor dogy
&nbsp;cool pic really cool send me a message
Thanks beanz... &quot;hi there!&quot;<br />
&nbsp;sorry if you do not want to
&nbsp;and how do u get patches
&nbsp;no thank you it is really cute hey if u dont ind could we use messafe instead i am still new
So cute!
This is amazing and I can make it with all recycled products I&nbsp;LOVE&nbsp;IT!!!<br />
I agree<br /> How cute!!!
omg hes sooo cute! i made one for my pomeranian, Sponge, and he loooooved it! he prances around the house in his costume and shows off to our bigger dog, Bandit. He will definitely be the talk of the subdivision tomorrow!! thanks much! (:
that is really cute!! i *love* the light-up aspect of the costume!
Awww, how sweet!<br />
So cute!&nbsp; <br /> The dandelion fuzz sticks out just like the dog's fur, and she seems to love it, too. ;)<br />
Thank you. Mojo does like the costume, he'll be walking proudly and safely on Saturday!<br />
Nice work!

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