Light-Up Disco Table


Every apartment needs awesome furniture, so why not make your own? This coffee table contains LED strips that light up into various customizable patterns and colors. The lights are controlled by an Arduino and a hidden button, and the entire thing is battery powered so there are no cords.

If you don't want to make your own table, you can also use the same code and circuitry to modify an existing table.


Paso 1: Table Design

This was my first woodworking project using nice wood and "advanced" tools, so please do not consider me an expert. Rather than describing in detail how I made the table, I'll give more of a broad overview of what I did*.

The design of the table is an open-framed cube, with space in the top for the electronics and additional LED strips around the legs. The lights are diffused through plastic which is embedded flush with the wood to create a smooth surface.

*Note that I did a few things in ways that were not ideal. In the instructions I will outline a better method for making the table than what I actually did. Generally, the changes involve cutting certain pieces all at the same time to ensure that they are the same length.

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tomatoskins dice: Sep 23, 2014. 8:25 PM

Yeah, I think that I have found my future table!

india.mitchell dice: Sep 8, 2014. 10:38 AM

A great idea, but I'd suggest a "dumbing down" version of instructions for people (of ALL ages) who haven't the knowledge you have for programming the lights. There are some who might want to use electricity instead of batteries too. All in all a great looking table!

fsinato dice: Ago 26, 2014. 9:15 AM

Great job,

what software did you use to make your model ?

Beaconsfield dice: Sep 4, 2014. 9:48 AM

I did the initial design by sketching, but I used Autodesk Inventor for the CAD and the dimension drawings.

rxr dice: Ago 23, 2014. 12:59 AM
excellent! i love it . This is a geart work, with pretty design, i'm a big fan ! thanks for sharing it.
DUDE123456789 dice: Ago 19, 2014. 7:12 AM

could be nice for chess

lamnhutminh dice: Ago 18, 2014. 3:52 AM

i really endjoy it!

Build_it_Bob dice: Ago 17, 2014. 7:07 PM

Very nice project . Excellent woodworking as well . Thanks for sharing!


mopsiok dice: Ago 17, 2014. 9:17 AM

Great idea and very well documented project. It looks awesome to me :).

How long can you power these LEDs with 8xAA batteries?

Beaconsfield dice: Ago 19, 2014. 5:32 PM

A quick look at the numbers gives me about 0.5 hours of run time (using this calculator), although I'm pretty sure I've run mine for more than that. It will also depend a bit on the batteries you use

According to the user guide, the LED strips require 1A (1000mA) to run (although I don't think it is actually that high) and the Arduino seems to take only 25mA. Since there are about five strips arranged in parallel, the total draw is somewhere near 5025mA. An average AA alkaline battery has a capacity of 1700-3000mAh (according to Wikipedia).

You could of course do a more detailed calculation by actually measuring the current draw of the components and the capacity of your specific batteries.

mopsiok dice: Ago 19, 2014. 10:54 PM

Hello again and thanks for your reply!

Wow, that's a lot of power! I'm pretty sure you can light the entire room with this table ^^. To be honest, I'm surprised that AA batteries can handle 5A peak :D.

silkier dice: Ago 17, 2014. 8 AM

If it's so difficult to take off the table top how do you change the batteries?

Love the look of this, by the way.

Beaconsfield dice: Ago 17, 2014. 8:41 AM

Thanks! You can undo the t-braces on the underside of the table top and pull out most of the electronics that way. It is also probably possible to pull out the top using suction cups or tape (assuming you don't use any adhesive when you install it), but it is a very tight fit.

CrLz dice: Ago 16, 2014. 11:45 AM
berryfairy68 dice: Ago 16, 2014. 12:46 AM
So awesome!! Yet so complicated looking :-)
akshat21045 dice: Ago 15, 2014. 4:10 AM

This looks totally awesome!

Mielameri dice: Ago 14, 2014. 12:34 PM
Nice build! And I like the wood tone you chose; I wouldn't have thought to use natural wood with a disco theme, but it looks awesome!
Raitis dice: Ago 14, 2014. 11:54 AM

One thing that would make it even more disco would be addition of sound sensor so it can blink with music. Love the final look!

Beaconsfield dice: Ago 17, 2014. 8:43 AM

Thank you! I definitely considered it, but the table itself took more of my time than I expected. Since the base is an Arduino, you can easily add sound, light, or proximity sensors to make it interactive.

mikeasaurus dice: Ago 14, 2014. 11:16 AM

Groovy lights. Totally digging that table design, too!

audreyobscura dice: Ago 14, 2014. 10:38 AM

Dang! You did such a beautiful job with this project! Thanks so much for sharing this, and including such great documentation.