Every apartment needs awesome furniture, so why not make your own? This coffee table contains LED strips that light up into various customizable patterns and colors. The lights are controlled by an Arduino and a hidden button, and the entire thing is battery powered so there are no cords.

If you don't want to make your own table, you can also use the same code and circuitry to modify an existing table.


Paso 1: Table Design

This was my first woodworking project using nice wood and "advanced" tools, so please do not consider me an expert. Rather than describing in detail how I made the table, I'll give more of a broad overview of what I did*.

The design of the table is an open-framed cube, with space in the top for the electronics and additional LED strips around the legs. The lights are diffused through plastic which is embedded flush with the wood to create a smooth surface.

*Note that I did a few things in ways that were not ideal. In the instructions I will outline a better method for making the table than what I actually did. Generally, the changes involve cutting certain pieces all at the same time to ensure that they are the same length.

EDIT: I added the part files for the table. Note that they are Inventor files, not generic stls. (I don't have Inventor anymore so I can't open/convert them).

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