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So, as any good steampunk devote, I started out by purchasing some goggles. I got a pair I love (thanks eBay!), but something occurred to me: being basically blind without my glasses, I could never wear them on my eyes. If they're just going to be hanging out on my forehead, why not spice them up some. Solution: LEDs. I've more or less simply mounted a throwie in each eye cup.

I think this is an original idea - I've never seen this treatment before, and a quick google search doesn't turn up any. Even for those of us with fully functional eyes, this mod has value: I'd say 90%+ of the goggles I've seen on steampunks have stayed firmly on the forehead anyway.

EDIT Hey, featured! Awesome! Added an extra step to address some of the "Hey you can't see with those on" complaints.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

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Bought the electrical components at Radio Shack, so they were over priced and in many cases not ideal.

Materials: Goggles
LED (3.3v clear white. Diffused would probably be better. I used white because my goggles had a blue filter in them already, go with whatever color you like.)
Battery (CR2032 3V Lithium)
Battery Housing, for CR2032
Wax Paper (for diffusing. Probably not really necessary, but I figured it couldn't hurt.)
Tin Foil (for reflecting. See above.)
Bottle Cap (Vitamin water, in my case. Mine fit perfectly, if that hadn't been the case, I'm betting making it fit would have been the toughest part of this. As that will be custom to each set of goggles, I'll leave that as an exercise to the reader.

Pin vice
Hobby knife (you could almost certainly get away with just the hobby knife. I used the other tools because I had them.)

Things I should have used/will eventually use (not pictured)
Soldering Iron

Step 2: Cut the Wax Paper and Tin Foil

Picture of Cut the Wax Paper and Tin Foil

Stack the wax paper over the foil. Trace around the bottle cap, pressing hard. Cut out the wax paper circle. The foil may well just pop out from the pen pressure, if not help it along with a knife.

Step 3: Drill the Setting for the LED

Picture of Drill the Setting for the LED

There was a little dimple indicating the center of my cap, I drilled on one edge of that. Set the longer lead on the LED in the hole, and make note of where the other lead hits. Drill another hole on that spot. Flip the lid and drill through from the other side to open the holes.

Step 4: Install the Wax Paper and Tin Foil

Picture of Install the Wax Paper and Tin Foil

Center the cap over the foil, and use the holes to mark the center. Cut out a square to keep the leads from shorting. I also cut some 1cm slits in the edge to make it easier to fit in. Push the foil in place, then set the LEDs in their holes. Cram the wax paper in on top. It holds itself in place pretty well.

Step 5: Attach Battery Holder

Picture of Attach Battery Holder

Bend the leads on the LED down flat to the bottle cap. Here's where I should have soldered, and probably will eventually. I was just eager to put this together to see what it looked like. Also, I'll add a switch, so I don't have to keep taking out the battery to shut this thing off. Again, I was lucky in the fit of the bottle cap in the eye cup, didn't even have to tape them in. Your mileage my vary.

Step 6: Done!

Picture of Done!

Pop em on and glow it up. With them over my eyes like this I can't see a thing, but that's not all that different for me given my non existent non-enhanced vision. Enjoy! I hope this inspires someone to attempt this, I'd love to see some more of these out there.

Step 7: Goggle Mod, Supplemental

Picture of Goggle Mod, Supplemental

To silence all the non vision impaired haters, I mocked up a quick version that you could potentially see through. Cut a hole in the middle of the bottle cap, mount two LEDs, one top one bottom. This here looks pretty lame because I was out of decent LEDs, but it gets the point across. Using white ones, and diffusing them correctly it should come out OK. Also you'll have way less room to hide the batteries. Might consider an external battery pack, attached to the strap.

Or, just wear them on your forehead, like you were going to any way!


valek1982 made it! (author)2016-06-06

Working on a Stempunk Deadshot costume. Just found this (7 years later?!?) Thought I'd try the see through version. Drilled a hole in the center if the cap and used dual LED in red and used no diffusion, as I would not be able to see through the wax paper. I made shades to cover each LED to give some diffusion, and used only a clear lens for testing (I'm sure you could use a smoky lens to offer some diffusion, though I had none.) While I can see through the lens just fine, the "super-bright" LED (x2) was right in my eye, so I really can't recommend using this method as there could be some potential to damage your eyesight if worn for any significant amount of time. Because I only need one eye for this particular costume, I'm currently redoing it to where I cannot see through it (like an eye patch.) Might just do my own Instructable once it is complete (with proper credit, of course.) Rough test version pictured as I've not done any of the cosmetic work on it yet.

valek1982 (author)valek19822016-07-22

Decided to redo this "eye patch style" - that is not see through. after several layout attempts, found that the single super bright LED in the center really was the best way to go. I used a white bottle cap, red LED, and a custom etched red lens plus the clear lens the goggles came with to protect the etching. I did not use aluminum foil or wax paper, but I think it turned out better that way for my particular project.

JohnH340 (author)2016-04-08

The idea is nice, and I like your take on it. But it has been done. Look up "Two Horns United Creations" (Brian Cargile), who is going beoynd extremes in LED-infused goggles.

aduvenhage (author)2015-02-08

Beyond cool :) Great job!

virginia.doanecarter (author)2014-12-22

You can purchase prescription swim goggles for about $20. They aren't perfect but close enough to maneuver with.

dbreithupt (author)2014-11-08

My attempt :) thanks for this

SparkySolar (author)2014-10-23

Thank you so much for this neat Instructable.


sellwood (author)2014-06-30

Hey, did you ever attach a switch to this design? If so how'd you do it?
I've got a pair of welding goggles and am trying to use this mod with a push button on/off switch on the side to control the lights without removing the battery.

destrianugerah (author)2013-07-30


miah8000 (author)2012-12-20

Gonna try this with the flip-up goggles and color-changing LED strips. Just do one eye maybe.

mr_kronk (author)2012-11-26

Why use LED's when you could use El-wire.

nerd7473 (author)2012-10-01


J.A.R.V.I.S. (author)2012-09-10

All y'all complaining about the fact that you can't see, you may wanna see the last page if you haven't already!

edwin994 (author)2012-08-05

what did you saw when you wear this goggles?

9999AWC (author)2012-05-23

Is there anyway I can make it so that I can see through it? I want one where I can use to go in the sreets and still see with them!

dreiman (author)2012-03-08

Cool goggles! Is there a way to turn off the lights when you don't need it?

Ernext (author)2012-01-17

your goggles are cool! is a really good idea mostly for night or in the dark, I would like to know, can you turn it off?

Lekestral (author)2011-12-31

To expand on this, you could always add (Using an external battery pack) just more LED's =)
in a circle leaving the center to view out of

tsesame street (author)2011-10-10

Where can I find tho goggles and if I used clear goggles like that how would that look?

leon5043 (author)2011-09-08

Hey! Awesome. I like this alot, I'm gonna do mine but how did u get all those dots in ur goggles? they came with the goggles? The whole: oooooo

vishalapr (author)2011-08-17

Really cool, but can you see from them?!

gogglecrab (author)2011-08-06

Great job! I love it 5 stars *****

GaryCifers (author)2011-04-04

I'm actually gonna be workin on making a set out of some goggles that have the flip up lenses and i'm goin to try an LED array on the rim of the lenses so that you have light wherever you look without losing vision.... mmmm steampunk... can you smell the coal burning?

ERNESTRIPIO (author)2011-02-07


ebonrouge (author)2010-12-15

So where did you buy the actual goggles that you used in this modification?

Jew934 (author)2010-11-25

are these the ones that everyone is looking for? I did a Google search.

What I think to be his goggles:

Some other goggles like them:

If these are the right ones slickshughes, reply that it is correct please.

Jew934 (author)2010-10-29

Is it possible to add more than one LED to the one battery? i was planning on housing the battery in the back of the headband, probably a 9 volt, but I was going to use ten LED's each side. (I had a spare flashlight that had a lot of LED's) If you can reply to this, that would be great. Your goggles look fantastic, I was going to make mine from scratch. If anyone could tell me where I could get anything to make the honeycomb pattern that would just finish it off with a bang.

voodookatie (author)Jew9342010-10-30

It's possible to get glass at a glass craft store and cut it to fit your goggles. If I had remembered that my parents do glass crafts and have the tools to cut glass, I would have bought some so I, too, could have some funky colored glasses. I also wonder if you couldn't find some sort of plastic that is shaped like a honeycomb and glue it to the goggle glass/plastic.

toddiuszho (author)2010-10-25

Was the honeycomb pattern ALREADY on the lenses before you began? I didn't see how your LED or materials used could have added the honeycomb effect.

ALOGENO GEEK 182 (author)2010-10-11

lets go!!!gggggggggggggggggggg

corey_caffeine (author)2010-07-03

great stuff for raves

prototype2213 (author)2010-06-23

I don't know if this has been said or not: why not use one 9 volt battery and run the wire along the head band to each eyepiece. You could have the battery in one of the eyepieces or incorporate it into the design. Overall a great Instructable. One day I'm going to have time to make an incredible pair of Steampunk goggles, a wristwatch and a jacket.

toxicwolf (author)2010-06-21

thanks for the idea this helps with my costume cuz im a techno maker and im throwing a rave and im trying to look like one of the pschos from borderlands the game

mazter_scott (author)2010-05-16

Haha, Great tutorial! I half-finished mine today, but decided that It looked better with only one eye (and a plus is that i can see!) I used a larger white LED and just electrical tape'd two batteries together in the back. I messed around with it and later found that if I just barely touched the lead lead to the top of the battery, my eyelashes would push it down and turn on the light- so it would blink when I did!

MissBetsy (author)2010-04-24

I just love them :) Simple and still awesome. Now I got to find a way to see and illuminate the project I am working on at the same time, maybe even add magnifiers LOL
It's about time to add another Instructable? What do you think?

bjsebeck (author)2010-04-23

So I'm attempting to make up lights for my goggles that I just finished making.  I used these as my base.  Once it was all done, I have about 1.25 inches in diameter inside of the goggle with which to work.  I started out trying to use a Bolthouse Farms juice bottle cap, but that was too large.  I tried cutting it down, but it doesn't really work.  I then tried a bottle cap from a 20 carbonated beverage, but of course that's too small.  I can't find a cap between these in size.  

In Step 5, you just say to attach the battery holder, but don't say how this can be done without solder.  In which case, how do you solder near plastic without melting it?  Also, how far away from the lenses do your lights sit?  Everything that I have tried ends up with one little spot of a light and not diffuse at all.

PMBell (author)2010-01-02

there realy cool but i would like it if someone out there could tell me were to get some goggles like the original ones ive looked everywere

skwoorl (author)PMBell2010-04-04

Try army surplus stores or welding supply. I got the ones I'm making from Glen's army surplus in Shelby OH for under $5 and the lenses are glass. They also came with dark green #5 glass inserts used for protecting your eyes when torch welding or cutting. Hope this helps.

Brother_D (author)2010-03-27

 Could this method maybe be applied to sunglasses?

MackG99 (author)2010-03-09

Could you please tell us where you got the original goggles or what the name of the product was?

FireSBurnsmuP (author)2009-10-27

VERY cool.
Now I know this was beside the point for you, but I've got an idea to make them see-through, might be a bit complicated, though.
Mount the LEDs inside the lens, in recesses you drill in them, so that the light diffuses through the lens like the LED-lighted [lit?] panels you see on computer case-mods.

You'd be able to see through them, and everything would be tinted the color of the LEDs (which is cool). Just an idea for those who want to be able to see through them.

tigerman22 (author)FireSBurnsmuP2010-03-02
So then you make it.
deofthedead (author)2010-02-25

I feel your pain, sir. I love myself some goggles, and yet I cannot wear them for my glasses- So doomed to a life shelved upon my head or around my neck, these will add perfect decoration to my cyberpunk outfit. Double plus win for the inspiration this offers. (Think I'll see about some of those decorative metal plates to fit into the lenses to block the light and have them shine out shapes... Like a biohazard symbol, or a radiation flower...mmyess...)

themonorail (author)2009-06-23 can't see....

slickshughes (author)themonorail2009-06-23

Glasses don't fit under the goggles, and I'm blind without them anyway. Besides, they spend will most of the time on my forehead anyway - see the second pic in the first page.

I've added an extra step to address this, but it was never really the point anyway.

Graffix10g (author)slickshughes2009-06-26

did it ever occur to any of you that you could get one of those welding goggles with the flip up lens and just put the lights in there.

megacheater1 (author)Graffix10g2010-01-07

doesnt look like it

robotguy4 (author)themonorail2009-06-23

You don't have to be able to see to look cool. Though, I guess we do need to do something about this... Periscopes, perhaps?

Lawlz Its Kyle (author)2009-12-01

If only I was eleven again...
I miss Jak and Daxter...
And how much I envied their attire.

Goggles and all

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