Light Up Guitar Pick Necklace(s) With Hidden Message!





Introduction: Light Up Guitar Pick Necklace(s) With Hidden Message!

This is my first instructable so be nice.

This was an anniversary present for my wife that I made back before were married. It is fairly simple, just a led circuit. When you put the two necklaces together so the screws touch, the pink necklace(her half) lights up. There is also a hidden message in the back of the pink necklace, engraved into the inside of the grey guitar pick is "I V U"(the "V" actually being a guitar pick) meaning "I pick you." Cheesy I know, but awesome none the less.



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    Awesome! Can yo please try to make a step by step instructable?

    This is an awesome idea, but, Could you please tell me with more detail how to put the batteries in?

    thank you so much, i didn't know what to give to my girlfriend on her birthday, you saved me this time...THANK YOU SO MUCH

    you're very welcome. and thank you for your comment. make sure to post a picture of your finished necklaces in the comments! i'd love to see how you did!

    if you do wind up putting these together again... you might try using computer standoffs instead of small screws... you can get them in different lengths.... and it would allow for easier adjustment and symmetry.

    the screws i used came out of computers. not sure where in the computers they came from though. but good idea ill remember it for next time! thanks!


    Nice Job

    Innovative and nice!
    but where's the battery/cell ?

    the battery is in the red necklace, and the led is in the pink.

    Cute idea, and the cheesy line really makes it!
    If you chose to make this again it would be awesome to see how you put it all together, step by step.